"Collegiate is a community of learners. From our youngest Cougars to our most veteran faculty members, we are all joyfully and actively engaged in the process of learning." Susan Droke,
Chief Academic Officer
Academic excellence at Collegiate begins with knowing our students well and seeking to maximize each student’s unique potential. A balanced, comprehensive and connected curriculum from JK-12th grade allows our students to develop the skills, understandings and habits of mind necessary to thrive and lead as scholars, citizens and leaders in today’s and tomorrow’s world. Outstanding student achievement, superior teaching, college preparatory curriculum and innovative programs and instruction are the foundations upon which high academic expectations and academic excellence are built at Collegiate. Academic excellence is demonstrated by our students’ achievements at or above expected levels, performance on both teacher-designed and nationally recognized assessments, college acceptance benchmark results and the academic success of our alumni at the college level and beyond. Collegiate graduates are expansive and inquisitive thinkers prepared to engage the challenges of a rapidly changing world with proficiency, openness, creativity, confidence, compassion, leadership and service.