Lower School
"Children are our greatest blessings and most precious gifts. In the Lower School we treasure our children and provide an enriching environment for them to learn in new ways while challenging them to think creatively, express themselves well, and work effectively with others." 
Debbie Miller
Head of Lower School

Staff Directory
As students enter our doors, we strive to know each child well and focus on helping them reach their potential. Whether in small groups throughout the day for reading and math instruction or working along side our engineering technology teachers in conjunction with classroom teachers, our children are provided innovative experiences as they explore and connect the disciplines. Opportunities for project-based learning are woven throughout our curriculum as we nurture and encourage them to think deeply. In developmentally appropriate ways we strive to provide academic challenge and establish a sense of community, friendship and trust while igniting their interest in the beauty and wonder of the world around them. Spanish, French, and Mandarin Chinese, taught by native speakers, provide a glimpse into these global cultures as well as a strong foundation for language learning. Experiences in music, art, and physical education support their well-being and growth. Additionally, our students have important opportunities to serve others while learning what it means to be a good citizen of the school community and beyond. Collegiate’s Values guide us and are incorporated every day as dedicated teachers seek to deepen their relationships with our children and families.


The Lower School experience is rich and reaches well beyond the classroom. A curriculum composed of traditional classroom study enhanced with small groups, project-based learning, exposure to languages, engineering, the arts, and physical education provides a diverse but solid foundation. A focused exposure to many disciplines of study is an exhilarating experience for a young child and a solid first step toward a lifelong journey of learning.


Our tools are temporary, our teaching is timeless. We don’t know exactly what tomorrow’s tools will look like, but we know they will continually change and we have faith in our teachers that they will sift the wheat from the chaff, that they will be flexible yet discerning in their methods, and that they will always preserve the essential Collegiate teacher/student relationship. We use technology that provides the right tool at the right time, that is suited to individual student needs, and that encourages students to be both connected and present.