Our Leadership

Penny B. Evins

Head of School

University of Virginia - B.A.
University of Virginia - M.Ed.

"Debbie" Miller 

Head of Lower School
Western Kentucky University - B.A.
University of Louisville - M.A.

Karen Doxey 

Athletic Director
West Chester University - B.S.
Old Dominion University - M.Ed.

Phyllis Palmiero 

Vice President for Finance & Administration
Fordham University - B.A.
Fordham University - MBA

Tung Trinh 

Head of Middle School
Bowdoin College - B.A.
Lesley University - M.Ed.

Stacy H. Adams

Director of Communications
Jackson State University - B.S.
University of Richmond - M.L.A.

Kristen Williams 

Vice President of Development

Ohio University - B.S.
Georgetown University - M.S.

Patrick Loach

Head of Upper School
State University of New York at Geneseo - B.A.
University of Virginia - M.Ed.
University of Virginia - M.S.

Brent Miller

Director of Admission
University of Richmond - B.A.
Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond M.Div.

Susan Droke 

Chief Academic Officer
University of Memphis - B.S.
University of Memphis - M.Ed.

James "Jamie" Britto 

Chief Information Officer
University of Mary Washington - B.A.
Virginia Tech - M.Ed.

Sara Boisvert

Director, Powell Institute for Responsible Citizenship
Middlebury College - B.A.