Responsible Citizenship
"Responsible Citizenship is the foundation of the Collegiate experience. It's the embodiment of 'Minds that seek, hearts that serve.'"
Clare Sisisky
Director of Responsible Citizenship Initiative and Director of Strategic Planning

Our Mission

Responsible Citizenship at Collegiate empowers engaged, contributing citizens by nurturing students’ compassion, creativity and purpose.
Our school’s promise is to nurture and equip our students as scholars and citizens. The Responsible Citizenship Initiative brings together eight vital areas (known as pillars) of school life under one umbrella to ensure that each grade level builds on the foundation of the previous one, supporting students’ Junior Kindergarten through 12th Grade growth. The initiative builds a cohesive curriculum in these areas by fully immersing into the academic program.

The eight pillars of Responsible Citizenship are: Global Engagement, Inclusion, Economic Literacy, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, Ethics, Civic Engagement, Service Learning.

Ignite - Responsible Citizenship Blog

Ignite offers insight into how our initiative is coming to life in the curriculum of Collegiate. By highlighting various examples of student projects and faculty reflections across the eight pillars, Ignite both informs and inspires the Collegiate community and beyond to continue to engage young people in their communities as a vehicle for powerful learning.

Recent Highlights

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  • Collegiate 1st Graders Raise Funds for the SPCA

    Collegiate 1st Graders presented a check in the amount of $1,028.50 to SPCA representatives Melissa Howdyshell and Kari Hosack in May. The money raised was from the 1st Graders' entrepreneurial experience of selling handmade stationery, Critter Creations.

    Read more about Critter Creations opening for business here.
  • During Connect Richmond, 7th Graders work with 13 Richmond-area nonprofits for six weeks.

    Collegiate 7th Graders Complete Grade-level Community Service Project

    Since March 21, Collegiate School 7th Graders have worked with 13 Richmond-area nonprofit organizations as part of Connect Richmond, their grade-level community service project.
  • Ramona Brand, Director of Youth Learning at Temple Beth-El, shares the Passover story at the final assembly.

    Middle School Students Explore World Religions

    Each year, Collegiate School students in 5th-8th Grade attend five assemblies that explore a theme in each of the major world religions. This year’s religious assembly theme is storytelling and sacred texts. Past themes have included prayer, art, architecture and dance, rites of passage and women’s role in the religion.
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Kelsey Timmerman
Rev. Ben Campbell
Minister and Community Activist
David Hudson
Investment Banker
Rich Brown
Guatemalan Issues Expert
Reggie Gordon
City Leader
Rebecca Hough
Entrepreneur and CEO of Evatran
Chief Joseph ole Tipanko
Kenyan Maasai Chief
Cole Phillips '12
Fulbright Fellow
Jasmine Turner '11


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