Collegiate's Commitment to Inclusion and Belonging

Collegiate is dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive community, where every person is respected, valued, and belongs. Our culture and curriculum encourage the exchange of ideas that promotes understanding, civil dialogue, and intellectual growth. Collegiate recognizes that varied backgrounds and perspectives enrich our educational experiences and prepare our students for success as responsible citizens, inquisitive thinkers, and compassionate leaders.
- This statement was unanimously approved by the Collegiate Board of Trustees on May 13, 2024. 

Inclusion and Belonging Affinity and Ally Groups

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  • Students

    • Mini Mosaic Ally Group for 3rd and 4th Grade 
    • Middle School United Sisters and Brothers (Black/African American Students)
    • Upper School United Sisters and Brothers (Black/African American Students)
    • Upper School Asian Student Union 
    • Upper School Prism (LBGTQ+ students)  
  • Employee

    • Faculty and Staff of Color
    • LBGTQ+ Group
    • Spectrum – all employees are welcome to discuss issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion as they relate to our lives at Collegiate and beyond.
  • Parents

    • Parents of Students of Color Group 
      "Parents of Students of Color (PoSoC) enriches the experiences within the Collegiate School community through creating connections and learning experiences of inclusion and belonging." Co-Chairs: Coretta Kingston and Faithea Foster
"As a member of this community, I passionately believe that it's our collective responsibility to champion these values and uphold the mission of our beloved Collegiate."

Antenette Stokes
Director of Inclusion and Belonging

Religion at Collegiate

We affirm our School's foundation in the Judeo-Christian tradition while welcoming students and families of all faiths and beliefs. Read more about religion at Collegiate School.