"Being part of a long-term, integrated arts experience is a huge pleasure. The creative community we build at Collegiate generates work and ideas that constantly delight and enrich viewers and creators alike. Because making art in our studios is a process that's based on curiosity and diligence, as well as risk-taking, humor, reflection and trust, a bit of magic happens when all of it binds together over time and a concept for a work comes to fruition. That's what keeps everything fresh and inspiring - the sometimes random and sometimes purposeful interplay of thoughts and actions communicated visually." Dana DuMont,
JK - 12 Visual Arts Chair

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From Junior Kindergarten to 12th Grade, the Collegiate visual arts program focuses on the development of the cognitive skills necessary for deciphering, discussing, and participating in the ever-changing cross-cultural conversation which informs the artistic process. The curriculum is designed to allow students to employ their imaginations and creative instincts while working with a wide variety of media and techniques. Additionally, it is infused with captivating content that provides endless opportunity for expanding problem solving, compositional construction and aesthetic decision-making skills. Throughout Collegiate, the visual arts studios are places in which each artist is encouraged to develop an individual style and creative vision by taking risks and learning from experiences as well as from teachers and peers.

H2L2 Visual Arts Studios