Dance at Collegiate provides an opportunity for students to master the skills learned from the rich traditions and current practices of dance as well as an exploration of cultures around the word. Students are encouraged to embody the spirit of creativity and self-expression through dance and are offered the opportunity to choreograph their own pieces to further demonstrate a deeper understanding of the art form.  The faculty is dedicated to helping our dancers find their own path in dance and discovering its benefits. Whether it be the pursuit of a professional career or finding the value in the critical thinking involved with dance, students are guided through the program with an individualized approach.

Dance Studio Spotlight

"The arts allow our students to imagine, create, refine, reflect and apply. Whether the student plays an instrument, sculpts, dances or acts, the opportunity to share an artistic endeavor happens daily. Without the arts, we lose the opportunity to learn about each other, whether it is with our neighbor down the street or halfway across the world." Mike Boyd
Director of Performing Arts