School Closed

Collegiate School will be closed  tomorrow (Monday, Dec. 10) due to inclement weather. Cougar Quest and all of the Quest after school programs are also  closed. Stay safe and warm!
Our Leadership

"Steve" Hickman 

Loyola University - BSS
George Mason University - JD
Johns Hopkins University - MS
Brenau University - M.Ed.

"Debbie" Miller 

Head of Lower School
Western Kentucky University - BA
University of Louisville - MA

Phyllis Palmiero 

Vice President for Finance & Administration
Fordham University - BA
Fordham University - MBA

Charles "Charlie" 
Blair, Jr.  

Head of Middle School
University of Virginia - BA
University of Virginia - M.Ed.

Stacy H. Adams

Director of Communications
Jackson State University - BS
University of Richmond - MLA

Kristen Williams 

Vice President of Development

Ohio University - BS
Georgetown University - MS

Patrick Loach

Head of Upper School
State University of New York at Geneseo - BA
University of Virginia - M.Ed.
University of Virginia - MS

Karen Doxey 

Athletic Director
West Chester University - BS
Old Dominion University - M.Ed.

Susan Droke 

Chief Academic Officer
University of Memphis - BS
University of Memphis - M.Ed.

James "Jamie" Britto 

Chief Information Officer
University of Mary Washington - BA
Virginia Tech - M.Ed.