The Capstone Program at Collegiate School brings to life students’ classroom learning in a real-world context. The program is guided by our School’s commitment to Responsible Citizenship, which empowers engaged, contributing citizens by nurturing students’ compassion, creativity and purpose. The Capstone program is offered in the final year of each division of the School — 4th Grade, 8th Grade and 12th Grade — and creates opportunity and challenge for our students that helps prepare them for the future.
The program in each division shares some common elements yet also possesses distinct, developmentally appropriate components.

Common to Capstones in Each Division:
  • A Responsible Citizenship Curriculum Focus
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Leadership Development
  • Design Thinking Skill Building
  • Experiential Learning
  • Public Sharing/Presentations

The Capstones build upon each other, from Lower School to Upper School.
4th Grade: Envision Collegiate
  • Students collaborate to meet a need within the Collegiate community.

8th Grade: Envision Richmond
  • Students connect with nonprofit leaders in the Richmond region and use design thinking and collaborative methods to help their nonprofit organizations resolve particular challenges.

12th Grade:
Envision Your World
  • Gives students real-world opportunities to connect with and contribute to the world at large.

Envision Your World

Each senior Capstone class has at its core an essential question or challenge that can empower 12th Graders to use their cumulative learning to engage with this challenge. Students can choose from a variety of Capstone experiences - each embedded in a one-semester course, each with a curricular focus on one or more of the pillars of Responsible Citizenship:

All senior Capstones emphasize collaborative leadership through partnerships beyond the Collegiate community. The senior Capstone is a one-semester graduation requirement (which can be completed during the summer). 

Here are the Senior Capstone course opportunities for 2017-2018:

Envision Richmond

This Capstone experience immerses the entire 8th Grade student body in the local community with an intensive leadership and civic engagement curriculum. For one week every fall, students leave the traditional classroom and wrestle with a variety of issues prevalent in metro Richmond.  Using design thinking, they work together to develop a viable solution to the problems they identify and communicate their plan to community leaders. The goal of the Envision Richmond program is to foster collaboration, empathy, creativity, communication and problem-solving techniques, so that students feel better equipped to improve the world around them.

After their initial weeklong experience, paired-off student groups continue to work throughout the school year, and in the spring they design an outreach project for their specific community organizations that targets an immediate need for that organization's clients. 

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Envision Collegiate

In its 2016-17 pilot year, the 4th Grade student body focused on the topic of sustainability. Students learned how to engage in research, collaborate for the purpose of design and convey their ideas, all in answer to the essential question How might we design a learning garden for our school community? In creating the experience, 4th Grade teachers centered the curriculum around the design-thinking process, the cultivation of communication skills and the growth of leadership competencies.

The 2017-18 theme for Envision Collegiate focuses on the essential question How might we use technology to improve Collegiate by 2026? The year 2026 is the graduating year of the current 4th Grade class. Students have been asked to consider how they can "Be the change you wish to see on our campus."

Recent News Coverage:
Rhiannon Boyd,
Envision Your World Coordinator
Laurie Shadowen,
Envision Richmond Coordinator
Jessica Cattoggio,
Envision Collegate Coordinator