Thank you for considering Collegiate School for your family. We are committed to being a diverse and inclusive community reflecting a broad socioeconomic range of families. Qualified students should not be deterred from applying for admission by financial constraints. We invite you to review this page to learn more about our need-based financial assistance program. Please contact us with any questions.

Tuition 2022-23

JK      $17,660
K-1     $23,970
2-4     $24,450
5-8     $27,580
9-12   $29,630

Financial Assistance Budget 2022-23:


List of 2 items.

  • $500-$29,630

    Range of need-based grants
  • $16,050

    Average need-based grant

List of 1 items.

  • 16%

    Students receiving tuition assistance

269 total

List of 3 items.

  • 81

    Upper School Students
  • 96

    Middle School Students
  • 92

    Lower School Students

Financial Assistance for Non-Tuition Related Expenses

Limited funds are available to help families with other costs such as books, school-related travel or certain educational needs not included in the cost of tuition. Click here for the application for school-related travel.  Click here for the application for other non-tuition related expenses.


List of 5 events.

  • Oct

    Financial Assistance application opens for the season

    (Collegiate's SSS code is 2494)
  • Oct

    Current family submission deadline

  • Jan

    New family submission deadline

  • Feb

    JK/K award notification

  • Mar

    9th Grade award notification


List of 10 frequently asked questions.

  • What if I'm past your deadline?

    Applications for financial assistance will be reviewed as funds remain available. You may contact Susan Trenkle at or 804.740.4895.
  • Is there an income cut-off?

    We do not make general statements about income eligibility because there are several other factors which can impact demonstrated need outside of income.
  • How is need determined?

    A completed Parents' Financial Statement (PFS) is used as the starting point. The PFS asks for information including, but not limited to, family size, number of children in tuition-charging schools, indebtedness, medical expenses, unusual expenses, as well as, income and other assets such as savings, investments and home equity. Our uniform document requirements allow for consistent and fair treatment of applicants and objectivity in application review. Collegiate considers the SSS analysis along with its own institutional discretion in making financial assistance awards. Available funds at any given time are also considered.
  • What does Collegiate require in addition to the Parents' Financial Statement (PFS)?

    • A copy of the IRS form 1040 with all supporting schedules 
    • IRS forms W-2 and 1099 as applicable
    • For business owners, a copy of the IRS business tax return such as IRS Form 1120-S or Form 1165
    • For first-time applications, a copy of the student's original birth certificate

    Note: Other documents will be required depending on family circumstances.
  • What if I am divorced/separated or never married?

    We believe that both parents are responsible for contributing toward the educational costs of their children. Accordingly, both natural parents and / or guardians are required to complete the financial assistance application (if living in separate households) and provide the required additional documents. Exceptions are rare. No financial information will be shared with the other parent / guardian in the case of separate applications.  If you have questions, please contact Susan Trenkle at or 804.740.4895. 
  • With whom is my information shared?

    All financial information is strictly safeguarded. Only those who are directly responsible for determining need will have access to your information. By necessity, the Student Billing Coordinator will also have knowledge of awards.
  • What fees are there outside of tuition?

    Required Expenses:

    • Books and supplies ($30-$750 depending on grade level)
    • A laptop computer is required for Grades 9-11 (minimum one-time cost of $700)
    • Athletic equipment/gear (sport specific)
    • AP Examinations/SAT/ACT/Subject Tests

    Optional Expenses (among others):

    • Lunch plan (click here for lunch plan brochure)
    • Snack bar/Estes Café (separate from lunch plan)
    • Music lessons
    • After-school care
    • After-school enrichment programs
    • School-related travel
    • Athletic team apparel
    • Athletic camps
  • Is there financial assistance for non-tuition related expenses?

    There are limited funds available to help families with other costs such as school-related travel or certain educational needs not included in the cost of tuition. There is an application process to be considered for these funds.

    Click here for the application for school-related travel.  Click here for the application for other non-tuition related expenses.
  • Can I use my 529 funds to pay tuition?

    A 529 plan is a savings plan that helps families save for future qualified education expenses. In a 529 account, your money can grow free from federal taxes and be used to fund qualified K-12 and higher education expenses. Virginia taxpayers enjoy the additional benefit of a state income tax deduction on contributions to their Virginia529 accounts.

    Starting January 2018, with the passing of
    the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, 529 account owners can also use up to $10,000 per year in 529 funds toward a beneficiary's private K-12 school tuition.

    nyone wishing to use 529 funds for K-12 tuition expenses will need to first open up a Virginia529 account as they would for a college savings account. If you already have a 529 account, you may use those funds, up to $10,000 per calendar year, to pay for K-12 tuition costs. If you do not already have an account and choose to open one, you can do so at
  • What payment plans are offered?

    • One-Payment Plan: Pay tuition in full by July 28.
    • Two-Payment Plan: Pay 60% of the tuition by July 28 and the remaining 40% by Jan. 28. This is the most widely used plan.
    • Ten-Payment Plan: Pay tuition in 10 monthly installments, beginning July 28, with subsequent payments due by the 28th day of each month through April. A surcharge is added to the annual tuition and divided into 10 installments.
    • Twelve-Payment Plan: Families with three or more children enrolled at Collegiate may divide their payments into 12 installments, with the first payment due in July and subsequent payments due by the 28th day of each month through June. A surcharge is added to the tuition and spread over the 12 installments.

    Financing options are available through Your Tuition Solution. For more information, you may call Jennifer Quindoza, Controller, at 804-741-9754.
Susan Trenkle
Director of Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

Important Links

On Oct. 1, 2022, you may apply online for financial assistance for the 2022-23 school year by visiting You may also find the Parents' Financial Statement (PFS) workbook helpful.

The School admits qualified students and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, mental or physical disability, or any other status protected by applicable law in the administration of its admissions, scholarships, and loans, and its educational, athletic, and other programs.