Fellows Program

The Collegiate School Fellows’ Program is a one-year fellowship that is designed for early-career teachers and for anyone changing careers to work in an independent school. We welcome applicants interested in teaching any grade level from JK-12 or in areas of school administration including but not limited to development, admissions, or athletics.

Statement of Purpose
The purpose of the Fellows’ Program is to provide aspiring educators with the mentorship, classroom experience, and pedagogical background necessary to become a lead classroom teacher or independent school professional. In keeping with three of the School’s core values–love of learning, excellence, and community–the Program strives to foster and support each fellow’s lifelong journey in the field of education.

Program Details

The program offers a thorough introduction to a career in education. Throughout the year, fellows receive personalized mentorship, preparation in pedagogy and instructional design, cultural competency training, extensive professional development and job placement assistance. Upon completion of the fellowship, each fellow will possess the skills necessary to be a lead teacher or qualified candidate in their division or department.

Fellows, who will be part of a cohort of four fellows each year, can expect to share a classroom with a mentor teacher in their department or grade level. If the fellow is pursuing a non-instructional position, then they work with a mentor in that office rather than in the classroom. Regardless, all fellows will have regular meetings with their mentor, their division head, their department- or grade-level chair, the Fellows’ Program Director, the Dean of Faculty and the Head of School. Fellows also contribute to or participate in School activities such as advisory meetings, clubs, sports and performances and attend relevant School events such as faculty meetings, assemblies and professional development days. Fellows engage fully in the life of the School, thereby gaining experience with a school setting and gaining insight into all aspects of a career in education.

Fellows receive a full-time salary and are eligible for benefits that include health, dental, and vision insurance; life insurance; free daily lunch; classroom supplies and teaching materials; all required texts; professional development support for on-and off-campus opportunities; and additional stipends for coaching and certain extracurricular activities.

By the conclusion of the fellowship, participants will have created a professional dossier of job application materials, a body of work for lesson plans and a career development plan.

To apply or inquire, please contact Dr. Leah Angell, Director of the Fellows’ Program, at leah_angell@collegiate-va.org or 804.741.9794.
“The vision for the Fellows Program is to provide aspiring teachers and school professionals with the experience and inspiration needed to fuel a career in education, because if you're in the right environment, as a teacher, you can feel inspired by and invigorated by the professionalism of the adults around you.”

Dr. Leah Angell 
Director of the Fellows' Program

The 2024 Cohort begins its program in mid-August 2024 and ends in early- to mid-June of 2025.

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  • Fellows Curriculum

    1. Subject matter expertise
    2. Classroom management
    3. Instructional technology
    4. Pedagogical tools
    5. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
    6. Academic services
    7. Theories and Methods
    8. Understanding Childhood and Adolescence (Mind-Brain Education)
    9. Social Emotional Learning
    10. Self-Knowledge
    11. Communication Skills
    12. The Job Application Process