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  • Collegiate School Class of 2028 Performs Final Exercises

    With sights set on their transition to the Upper School, Collegiate’s 8th Graders performed their Final Exercises. 
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  • Moving On and Moving Up

    Collegiate School’s 4th Graders completed their Moving Up Ceremony this morning, celebrating and reflecting on all of the excellence they have exuded thus far.
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  • Finding Sublime Inspiration

    Upper School ceramics teacher Mary Arzt paints tangible realities that melt into more luxurious abstractions.
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  • Collegiate Holds Class of 2024 Commencement

    During Collegiate’s 109th Commencement, the Class of 2024 reflected on their accomplishments before embarking on their next journeys.
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  • Personalities in Focus

    Taylor Dabney’s photographs visit unsentimental dignity on subjects that rarely receive such courtesy.
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  • An Artist’s Self-Fulfillment

    The materials in Pam Sutherland’s work are manipulated and made fresh, but the pasts they bear still cast shadows. 
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