"Collegiate athletics has given me the opportunity to compete and improve while also having a good time with my teammates. It has taught me the importance of supporting each other and the effect that has on the performance of the team as a whole." Elyse Cram, '21

Roar Like Russell


Russell Wilson, quarterback for the NFL's Denver Broncos, graduated from Collegiate School in 2007. He attended Collegiate from Kindergarten through his Senior year, and he was a three-season athlete football, basketball, and baseball and president of his Senior class. Photos of Russell are available to download from our media Photo Gallery. We do request that media credit us when using them. Contact our Communications Office if you need additional information.
We recognize our outstanding players in many ways. Below you'll find how Collegiate School honors our top athletes, present and alumni, and teams that have brought home championships. Many gifted Collegiate School athletes continue their athletic careers beyond our community.

Hall of Fame

In 2002, Collegiate established an Athletic Hall of Fame to honor those individuals who, through fair play, brought recognition, honors, distinction, and excellence to the School and its interscholastic athletic programs during their time at Collegiate. Since then, the Alumni Association has inducted four classes of individuals, coaches, and teams into the Athletic Hall of Fame. If you would like to nominate an individual, team, or coach for the next induction, please contact Director of Alumni Engagement Anne Gray Siebert.

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  • Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees, January 2019

    Read the 2019 Collegiate School Hall of Fame Inductions Ceremony program
    Greg Williams ’69
    Chuck McFall ’97
    Carter Hamill Backus ’01
    Mike “Bud” Petit ’03
    Blair Northen Williamson ’04
    Mikey Thompson ’06
    Stuart Ferguson ’09
    Jake McGee ’10
    Rachel Naurath ’10
    Max Schnur ’11

    Larry Jarman
    Joel Nuckols
    Mike Stott

    1997 Varsity Volleyball
    1998 Girls Swimming and Diving
    2003 Varsity Field Hockey
    2005 Varsity Football
  • Past Inductees

    Mary Fry Fritch ’28
    Ann Lee Saunders Brown ’36
    Rosa Hodges McLaughlin ’36
    Katherine Chewning Crane ’46
    Alice Lewis Flower ’49
    Pearson Grymes Gibson ’54
    Nancy Sadler George ’65
    Leroy Vaughan ’66
    Sanford Boisseau ’68
    Ray Easterling ’68
    Janet Grubbs ’69
    Boodie Wiltshire McGurn ’71
    Behle Schaaf ’72
    Robbie Perkins ’73
    Frank Jones ’77
    Robert Wrenn ’77
    John Owen Gwathmey ’80
    David Murphy ’80
    Trib LaPrade ’81
    Anne Overton ’82
    David Shannon ’82
    Chris Tate ’83
    Lisa Coleman ’84
    Walter Spence ’84
    Beth Curry ’84
    Lee Moreau ’85
    Antoinette Lucas ’87
    Craig Scott ’87
    Rob Ukrop ’88
    Wortie Ferrell ’88
    David Cox ’90
    Ta' Bingham Frias ’94
    Katie Schoolwerth Gustafson ’96
    Andrew Slater ’96
    Courtney Owen Mattes ’97
    Joey Rackley ’99
    Rick Wiltshire ’64
    George Whitley ’71
    Michael Campbell ’87
    Harry Wilson ’01
    Jamie Whitten Montgomery ’03
    Russell Wilson ’07

    Bill Chambers
    Gwen Donohue
    Jim Hickey
    Petey Jacobs (posthumously)
    Grover Jones (posthumously)
    Lewis Lawson
    Charlie McFall

    John Moreau
    Malcolm U. Pitt, Jr.

    1959 “A” Field Hockey
    1963 Varsity Football
    1969-1970 Boys' Varsity Basketball
    1970 Varsity Football
    1972 Varsity Football
    1982 Varsity Football
    1986 Varsity Field Hockey
    1987 Boys' Varsity Lacrosse
    1988 Girls' Varsity Tennis
    1989-1990 Girls' Varsity Basketball
    1990 Boys' Varsity Soccer  
    1997 Girls' Varsity Soccer
    1996 Girls' Varsity Volleyball
    1998-99 Boys' Varsity Basketball

Individual Honors

The awards listed here are the Athletic Department's most prestigious year-end awards including two endowed, sport-specific awards, memorializing two alumni of Collegiate.

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  • Albert L. "Petey" Jacobs Sportsmanship Award

    The A. L. Jacobs Sportsmanship Award is given to that senior male athlete who has demonstrated throughout his career at Collegiate the true spirit of sportsmanship in both victory and defeat. This is a tribute in itself to the gentleman who headed the Boys’ Athletic Program at Collegiate School for twenty-one years. He constantly stressed to his coaches and everyone associated with the school program that there be instilled in the boys above all else the excellence of sportsmanship. The recipient of the award is selected by the program leaders.
    Past recipients of this award are:
    1978      Adrian Leo Howard, Jr.
    1979      Thomas Scott Word, III
    1980      John Owen Gwathmey
    1981      Robert Douglas Massey
    1982      James William Curry
    1983      Christopher L. Tate
    1984      Charles E. Joseph, III
    1985      Wyatt S. Beazley, IV
    1986      Edward F. Sinnott, III
    1987      William Eugene Coleman, III
    1988      Leavenworth M. Ferrell, II
    1989      James Andrew Stokes
    1990      Stanley G. Jeffries AND Charles M. McGill
    1991      William G. Broaddus
    1992      Clay Hilbert
    1993      James Kenneth Zelenak
    1994      Gray Bolling Broughton
    1995      Wade Samuel Rinaca
    1996      Hartwell Heath Roper, Jr.
    1997      Scott McDowell Adams
    1998      Brent Ingram Miller
    1999      Nathan Anderson Burgess
    2000      Patrick Michael Boswell
    2001      Stephen Edward Sica
    2002      Malcolm Pitt Friddell, Jr.
    2003      Graham Thomas Forbes
    2004      Alan Foster Miller AND John Jameson Clore
    2005      Devon George Kelley AND Jeremy Ryan Mostrom
    2006      Zachary David Diego Mendez-Zfass
    2007      Russell Carrington Wilson &
                 Matthew Wilson Richardson
    2008      Christopher Hume Daly, Jr.
    2009      Robert Martin Crutcher & Robert Day Friddell
    2010      Cabell Willis
    2011      Andrew Barclay Elliott
    2012      Grayson LeCompte Thornton & John Luke Walker
    2013      Reilly Joseph Klein
    2014      James Alexander Byrd
    2015      Lee Stribling Walker & John Bly Cole
    2016      Sawyer Cavan Gaffney & James Frederick Londrey, Jr.
    2017      Jess Speight
    2018      T Brewer
    2019      Michael Brost Jr.
    2020      William "Liam" Bellamy, IV
    2021       Liam David Ryan
    2022      Christian Thomas Mayr
    2023      Thomas Hayden Rollison
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  • Webb Sportsmanship Award

    The Webb Sportsmanship Award is given to that senior female athlete who has demonstrated throughout her career at Collegiate the true spirit of sportsmanship in both victory and defeat. This is a tribute in itself to Mary Elizabeth Webb, the athletic director and coach at the Collegiate School for Girls from 1921- 1929. The recipient of the award is selected by the program leaders.
    Past recipients of this award are:
    1986      Kimberly Ellen Wright
    1987      Charlotte Darden Remick AND Elizabeth Duke Campbell
    1988      Virginia Lee Yowell
    1989      Cameron Mills Freeman
    1990      Laura Swift Miller
    1991      Kelly Harris AND Lauren Megeath Melton
    1992      Brooke Vaughan
    1993      Melissa Tisnado
    1994      Erin Smith
    1995      Happy Vaughan AND Annie Hamlin
    1996      Virginia Elizabeth Nuckols
    1997      Emily Page Nelson
    1998      Mary Meg Nuckols
    1999      Liza Beaman Stutts
    2000      Stephanie Brooks Shield
    2001      Sarah Logan Hyslop
    2002      Kristina Haines Tyler
    2003      Blair Elizabeth Loughrie
    2004      Virginia Bain Friddell
    2005      Elizabeth Palmer Garson
    2006      Francis Friddell
    2007      Heather Peebles Garson AND Laura Christine Anderson
    2008      Victoria Tyler O'Shea
    2009      Allison Janet Albright
    2010      Janie O'Connor & Taylor Thomas
    2011      Ann Wallace Tazewell
    2012      Ellen Hughes Davenport
    2013      Sarah Austin Richardson
    2014      Debra Brooks Doxey
    2015      Sarah Anne Johnson
    2016      Elizabeth Murray Fleming
    2017      Brigid O’Shea
    2018      Caroline Hall
    2019      Rachel Lifson
    2020      Margaret "Maggie" Bostain
    2021      Sara Hyde Bartzen
    2022      Amani Kimball-McKavish
    2023      Virginia Anne Ballowe
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  • Outstanding Senior Athlete

    The Outstanding Senior Athlete Award is awarded to the senior boy who has contributed most to the athletic program through leadership, cooperation, sportsmanship and ability. The recipient of the award is selected by the program leaders.
    Past recipients of this award include:
    1963      C. Porter Vaughan, III
    1964      Jeffress S. Dortch
    1965      Albert L. Jacobs, Jr.
    1966      Leroy B. Vaughan
    1967      A. Rives Potts, Jr.
    1968      C. Ray Easterling
    1969      Howard B. Weatherford, III
    1970      William B. Correll, Jr.
    1971      George C. P. Whitley
    1972      F. Behle Schaaf
    1973      Larry K. Shaw
    1974      Burdin H. Hickok
    1975      John H. Maser
    1976      William W. Day
    1977      Franklin T. Jones
    1978      Jesse V. Hawthorne AND Adrian L. Howard, Jr.
    1979      Eric J. Ernsberger
    1980      John O. Gwathmey AND David H. Murphy
    1981      R. Douglas Massey AND Wallace Lewis LaPrade
    1982      David T. Shannon, Jr.
    1983      Christopher L. Tate
    1984      Michael L. Wood AND D. Wayne Pate, Jr.
    1985      Kevin E. Martin-Gayle
    1986      Edward F. Sinnott, III
    1987      Craig Lowry Scott
    1988      Leavenworth M. Ferrell, II AND Robert S. Ukrop, II
    1989      James Andrew Stokes
    1990      Richard Leroy Bennett
    1991      Alan Porter Vaughan
    1992      Langdon P. Townsend
    1993      David P. Montague
    1994      Gray Bolling Broughton AND Cabell Charles Henry Hatchett
    1995      T. Scott Whipple AND Kevin J. Aspinall
    1996      Andrew Fletcher Slater
    1997      Charles Howard McFall
    1998      Charles Howard McFall AND Paul Hamilton Roper
    1999      James Andrew Deck
    2000      Patrick Michael Boswell AND Lee Harris Roberts
    2001      Harrison Benjamin Wilson IV
    2002      William Seth Lotts
    2003      Noah Charles Perry Greenbaum
    2004      Andrew Beckmann Sellergren
    2005      William Michael DeCamps AND Michael Thomas Hogg
    2006      Zachary David Diego Mendez-Zfass
    2007      Russell Carrington Wilson AND William Cole Hawthorne 
    2008      Joshua Alexander Lee
    2009      Stuart Gifford Ferguson
    2010      Jake McGee
    2011      Peter Rossetti
    2012      Michael Edward Howard
    2013      Brady Garrison Straus AND Kyle Van Horn Pate
    2014      Robert Wilton Speight III
    2015      Lee Stribling Walker
    2016      William Neumann Allocca
    2017      Excellence Perry
    2018      T Brewer
    2019      Zachary Cram
    2020      Kevin "Trey" Boll, III
    2021      Hunter Randolph Milligan
    2022      Colin Patrick Ryan
    2023      Krystian Robert Williams
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  • Reed Athletic Award

    The Reed Plaque is awarded annually in memory of Charles Larus Reed. This award is given to the senior girl who has contributed most to the athletic program through leadership, cooperation, sportsmanship and ability. The recipient of the award is selected by the program leaders.
    Past recipients of this award are:
    1952      Patsy McCaslin
    1953      Pearson Grymes
    1954      Carol Elizabeth Minor
    1955      Aline Mead Payne
    1956      Rebekah Brown Lee
    1957      Judith Frances Vantrease
    1958      Margaret Shinnick
    1959      Julia Ann Keehn
    1960      Julia Ann Keehn
    1961      Ann Reynolds Butterworth
    1962      Louise Peple Armstrong
    1963      Patricia Lee Margraf
    1964      Lee Marshall Price
    1965      Nancy Patricia Sadler
    1966      Anne Stirling Harman
    1967      Susan Elizabeth Kemp
    1968      Louise Hope Pitt AND Beatrice Meryl Greenbaum
    1969      Janet M. Grubbs
    1970      Elizabeth R. Northen
    1971      Anne I. Baird AND Virginia B. Wiltshire
    1972      Carol W. Herod
    1973      Susan Dalton
    1974      Beverly Chewning AND Frances Day
    1975      Elizabeth Morgan
    1976      Suzanne Ash
    1977      Cornelia Goddin
    1978      Robin Mayer AND Constance Terry
    1979      Ashton Nolley
    1980      Kathy Call
    1981      Liza Little
    1982      Anne Overton
    1983      Ann Scott
    1984      Beth Curry AND Lisa Coleman
    1985      Lee Moreau AND Ann Mountcastle
    1986      Antoinette Lucas
    1987      Antoinette Lucas
    1988      Sarah Catherine Lyman Josephs
    1989      Jacquelin Marie Ukrop
    1990      Hylah Margaret Boyd AND Elizabeth Dunston Schnell
    1991      Sara Ann Schoolwerth
    1992      Molly H. Morgan
    1993      Dudley Carter
    1994      T.A. Bingham
    1995      Elizabeth Bland
    1996      Leah Loftin AND Katie Schoolwerth
    1997      Courtney Elizabeth Owen
    1998      Bethany Katherine Jacobs
    1999      Katherine Ryan Hamlin
    2000      Ashton Scott Cawthorn
    2001      Carter Bryson Hamill
    2002      Sarah Brucker Northen
    2003      Jamie Glynn Whitten AND Kathryn Cooper Schilling
    2004      Meredith Toshiko Newcomb AND Blair Tafel Northen
    2005      Kathleen O’Neill Hanley AND Madeline Jane Hope Sisk
    2006      Elizabeth Luckey
    2007      Cathryn Elizabeth Tullidge
    2008      Victoria Tyler O'Shea
    2009      Elizabeth Anne Mastropieri AND Dominique Lourine Meeks
    2010      Katie Mastropieri & Rachel Naurath
    2011      Julia Sroba AND Emily Wright
    2012      Austin Elizabeth Pruitt
    2013      Mallory Elizabeth Knighton AND Katherine Collins Melson
    2014      Sydney Macmillan Cardozo
    2015      Campbell Michelle Brewer
    2016      Catherine Augustus DeVoe
    2017      Jordan Marcus AND Gwin Sinnott
    2018      Avery Freeman
    2019      Caroline Curtis
    2020      Lilly Hall
    2021      Hallie Abbott Brost
    2022      Lauren Adair Lucy
    2023      Isabel Grace Lee
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  • Jeffrey Robertson 110% Award (Baseball)

    The Jeffrey Scott Robertson 110% Award for Baseball was created to honor Jeffrey, a former Collegiate baseball player who passed away in 2003. The award is given to the individual who hustles and gives everything he's got - not necessarily the best baseball player - but certainly a player who demonstrates determination, commitment and heart, as Jeffrey himself did.
    Past recipients of this award are:

    2006-2007     Will Stettinius

    2007-2008     Robert Friddell

    2008-2009     Andrew Bronson

    2009-2010     Ben Bruni

    2010-2011     Grayson Thornton

    2011-2012     Brooks Slotterback

    2012-2013     William Walker

    2013-2014     Brian Davia

    2014-2015     John Mackie Chase

    2015-2016     Benton Greer

    2017-2018     Travis Reifsnider

    2018-2019     Connor Romanosky

    2020-2021     William Porter & Donovan Williams

    2021-2022     Donovan Williams

    2022-2023     Nicholas Chambers
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  • Rob Kelly Spirit Award (Boys' Lacrosse)

    The family and friends of Rob Kelly ’87 established a fund in 2002 to recognize the efforts of gifted student athletes whose spirit of leadership both in the classroom and on the athletic field exemplify outstanding, unwavering effort to achieve team goals. Rob was an honor student and gifted writer, receiving the E. Angus Powell Award for American Enterprise in his junior year. He was a member of an outstanding class of students who admired each other, worked well together and held the highest academic average to come through Collegiate at that time. He loved and excelled at football and lacrosse; the boys’ lacrosse team won the 1987 State Championship and was undefeated. Rob was an unrelenting voice in encouraging Collegiate’s spirit. The Rob Kelly Spirit Award recognizes those efforts. 
    Rob’s endowment is to support boys’ lacrosse at Collegiate by providing income for equipment, travel and clinics for players and coaches alike. An award will be given annually to a lacrosse player that exemplifies Rob’s sense of spirit.
    Past recipients of this award are:
    2003 (Inaugural Year)  Ned Rider
    2004  Hatton Taylor and Devon Kelley
    2005  Hatton Taylor
    2006  Andrew O'Shea, Mike Thompson, Michael Jarvis, Hunter Phillips

    2007  Jeff Hartman

    2008  James Taylor Christmas, Jr.

    2009  Jacob Oliver

    2010  Russell Harper & Alex Newsome

    2011  Riley O'Shea

    2012  Noboru Kobashigawa

    2013  Stewart Mikell Roddey, Jr.

    2014  Lee Strib Walker

    2015  Nicholas Bradley Anders

    2016  David Jeremy Maitland Innes

    2018  Benjamin Thomas Tavenner

    2019  Michael Robert Brost Jr.

    2022  Warner Featherston Lewis

    2023  Warner Lewis
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  • Richmond Times-Dispatch/Sports Backers Scholar-Athlete Nominees

    Since 1992, Sports Backers and the Richmond Times-Dispatch have partnered to recognize the accomplishments of the region's finest student-athlete seniors in recognition of their hard work both on the field and in the classroom. The region’s top scholar-athletes are announced each month between September and May in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, and twenty finalists are selected to attend the Awards Dinner at the end of the school year. The list below is the compilation of finalists chosen from 1992-Present from Collegiate.
    Molly Morgan
    Langdon Townsend

    Miriam Heuhsen

    Gray Broughton (winner)

    Katie Schoolwerth

    Emily Nelson
    Andy Harris

    Lisa DeSimone

    Patrick Boswell

    Sarah Hyslop

    Courtney Harrison

    Jamie Whitten (*runner-up)

    Heather Hallberg
    Andrew Sellergren

    Kate Hanley

    Elizabeth Luckey

    Heather Garson
    Jimmy Wiltshire

    Alexandra Modisett
    Christopher Daly (*runner-up)

    Carter Stephens
    Stuart Ferguson

    Rachel Naurath (*runner-up)

    Thomas Stephens (*winner)

    Austin Pruitt
    Scott Newton (*runner-up)

    Dodi Allocca

    Campbell Brewer
    Lee (Strib) Walker

    Scott Phillips

    Julia Edwards
    Gilbert Deglau

    Amani Kimball-McKavish
    William John Neuner

    Taylor Domson
    Elijah Petty
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Active Alumni in Sports

This is a list of our alumni competing or coaching for college, university, and professional teams. Click on each year to expand the list of athletes. If you have information on the athletic activities of other alumni, please email Andrew Stanley.


Ellen "E.A." (Smith) Jackson '95, Goucher College, Head Field Hockey Coach
Nic Jackson '97, Kansas City Royals, Assistant Minor League Hitting Coordinator
Jamie (Whitten) Montgomery '03
, University of Richmond, Head Field Hockey Coach
Mikey Thompson '06
, Christopher Newport University, Head Mens Lacrosse Coach
Russell Wilson '07, Denver Broncos, Quarterback
Patrick Corrigan '09, Ferrum College, Head Mens Basketball Coach
Max Schnur '11, International Tennis Federation - Pro Circuit, Professional Tennis Player
Evan Justice '17, Colorado Rockies, Pitcher


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College Commit Archive

This is a list of our alumni who committed to play college athletics. Click on the link below to view the list. If you have information on the athletic activities of other alumni, please email Andrew Stanley.