Middle School
“Filled with opportunities to discover new passions, both in and out of the classroom, the Middle School is a special place that promotes student growth by providing a safe learning environment to help students to grow academically, socially and emotionally.”
Jeff Dunnington
Head of Middle School

Staff Directory
The Middle School prides itself on the relationships formed among students and teachers as we seek to foster a sense of community based on respect and belonging. This nurtured sense of community provides a foundation upon which students can grow in confidence by learning from opportunities and challenges. During a time of rapid developmental change, our Middle Schoolers benefit from having most academic classes separated by gender, allowing teachers to focus intensively on the developmental and academic needs of each student. Our advisory program, supported by our Guidance and Academic Services staff, provides a more intimate setting to ensure that the social, emotional and intellectual needs of each student are being met. Service opportunities, activities and cub sports strengthen the sense of community, develop teamwork skills and promote friendships.


What distinguishes our Middle School classes is our single-sex structure with most being just boys or just girls. This gives students the freedom to be their adolescent selves as they tackle new academic challenges and continue to build on foundations laid in the Lower School. The curriculum allows for advancement, choices and participation in grade-wide initiatives like Envision Richmond, the 8th Grade Capstone program.


Our tools are temporary, our teaching is timeless. We don’t know exactly what tomorrow’s tools will look like, but we know they will continually change and we have faith in our teachers that they will sift the wheat from the chaff, that they will be flexible yet discerning in their methods, and that they will always preserve the essential Collegiate teacher/student relationship. We use technology that provides the right tool at the right time, that is suited to individual student needs, and that encourages students to be both connected and present.



The Middle School Advisory Program reflects the heart of the Middle School through its focus on building relationships among students and between adults and students. Students are assigned to an Advisory Group which meets daily. The role of the Advisor is to know their Advisees on a personal basis and to coordinate communication about student progress. During the daily Advisory period, the Advisor leads both formal and informal character education discussions around understanding our shared community values, developing leadership skills, creating an inclusive community and planning community service projects. On a weekly basis, students focus on learning strategies, particularly organization, time management and communicating with teachers. Other topics for discussion promote the health and wellness of our students, including using social media appropriately, making healthy choices about alcohol and other drugs, and maintaining a positive body image. The Advisors work closely with the Middle School Counselor and Academic Services to meet the developmental needs of all Middle School students.