“Our Quest programs help students transition smoothly from the school day to the afternoon, in a space that’s all their own, and with a staff who cares and wants to help them be their best. Our efforts reinforce the caring and joyful Collegiate culture that we hope students will remember for the rest of their lives.”
Christina Moses
Director of After School Programs

Quest Staff
"I like being at Cougar Quest because we get to have fun with lots of friends. We get to do lots of different things like art, Legos and cooking club. The counselors help us with our homework. We don't always understand the words in stories and they help us learn how to pronounce the words, so that if we ever see the words again, then we know how to read them." - Quest student
Collegiate School's Quest programs provide students with a fun after school experience in a safe and nurturing environment. They are surrounded by counselors who care deeply about their academic, emotional and social well-being. Through close partnership with classroom teachers and administrators, we ensure that the lessons learned during the school day continue during after school activities. Collegiate’s after school programs strike the right balance between time dedicated to homework and to the magic of free play with friends.

New Director’s Vision

“Growing up, my father was very open with my brother and me about the profound impact his after school program had on his life. Decades later, he now serves as an administrator for the very same program. Following my dad’s strong example of hands-on and gracious leadership, I promise to pour my heart into this program. My vision is for each ​after school space - Kinder Quest, Cougar Quest and Middle School Quest - to be a safe and joyful space where diversity is celebrated. My goal is to establish a program where students embrace and care for their friends, and have a growing desire to help and support others in and outside the Collegiate community." —Christina Moses
· Regular visits to the School’s library to encourage leisurely reading
· Specialty clubs on Friday, including formal art instruction
· Service learning opportunities, in partnership with Collegiate’s Service Learning Coordinator
· An expanded Activity Quest program for JK-6th Graders
· A monthly newsletter for parents to keep you informed and engaged

JK - Kindergarten
Our Kinder Quest program keeps our Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten students engaged in the exploratory play they experience during the school day, and provides for a great transition from school to home each day. Our young friends are encouraged to explore, use their imagination and positively interact with their peers and after school counselors. This program is located in an area of the School designed for our smallest Cougars, where creative and meaningful play are nurtured. Our goal is to keep our students entertained and engaged while encouraging success, whether it be through drama on a miniature stage, puppets in a theater, building with blocks and Legos, reading in the literature corner or developing artistic skills in the art center. Teachers from our Junior Kindergarten classes help staff Kinder Quest and provide a smooth transition from school to home each day.
1st - 4th Grade
The “original” Quest is home to Collegiate’s after school students in Grades 1-4. Housed in the lower level of Luck Hall, this wonderful space was developed just for Cougar Quest by Cougar Quest. A magical space full of art work and comfy couches, Cougar Quest students can be found cooking, acting on the stage, playing dress up or doing homework under the supervision of our qualified teachers. Fridays are special at Cougar Quest,  as students select from five to six activities which encourage interaction with both instructors and fellow students.
5th Grade - 8th Grade
Collegiate recognizes that just because a student crosses the bridge to Middle School, the need for after school supervision while on campus does not go away. Middle School Quest encourages students to attend study hall after school and get a jumpstart on the evening’s work, and to take advantage of the supervision and help provided by Collegiate teachers who supervise the program. After an hour-long study hall, students visit the activity room to relax, read books, play games or exercise on the Middle School basketball or gaga courts. Several options are available, including study hall only, care until 6 p.m. or a six-week option for the siblings of students participating in sports. Drop-in care is only one phone call away when needs arise or during the time when the Cub Sports programs break at the end of a season. Pick up is conveniently located on the Loop Road behind the Reeves Center.

After School Enrichment

Junior Kindergarten - 8th Grade
Open to all students both in the Lower and Middle Schools, Activity Quest continues the day’s learning in an after-school setting. Over 20 programs are offered weekly and staffed by teachers and specialists from the greater Richmond region. The activities are diverse and meet any interest. Whether it’s yoga, swimming, computer programming, dance, or sports, Activity Quest has something for everyone. Kinder, Cougar and Middle School Quest students receive a discount when participating in Activity Quest.