Our School
The essence of Collegiate School is the interaction of students, faculty, parents, administrators, and alumni in a dynamic learning community with high personal and academic expectations. This exceptional educational environment enables our students to individually develop their potential for intellectual growth, leadership, and service. This unique experience is strengthened by the support of actively involved parents and the richness of relationships of students, faculty, and alumni to each other and the School.


The mission of Collegiate School is to create a diverse and inclusive community of learners committed to a challenging and supportive educational experience that will foster the intellectual, moral, emotional, and physical development of each student.

Collegiate School:

  • Attracts talented, highly-motivated, and diverse students who demonstrate personal and academic promise for success at the university level and beyond.
  • Draws outstanding and inspiring faculty members dedicated to guiding students through a challenging curriculum, using innovative and sound teaching practices while furthering their own professional development.
  • Instills an enduring and spirited sense of belonging through an uncommon richness of relationships among students, families, faculty, and alumni.
  • Believes that the globalization of our world requires constant and dynamic evaluation and evolution of our School.
  • Graduates who are inquisitive thinkers and compassionate leaders prepared to engage the challenges of a rapidly changing world.
  • Celebrates and embraces individuals of all faiths and beliefs while acknowledging the ethical and moral Christian and Jewish principles upon which Collegiate School was founded.
  • Prizes responsible, forward-thinking leaders who are committed to fulfilling the School’s vision.

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  • Citizenship

    We believe that responsible citizens lead enriched lives, build enduring communities, and contribute to a better world.
  • Scholarship

    At Collegiate, a challenging curriculum of academics and extracurricular experiences prepares our students to engage the challenges of a rapidly changing world with creativity and confidence.

Core Values

Collegiate School is a community with a continuing commitment to the following shared values. These values guide our philosophy, educational program, and daily interaction:

Personal integrity and devotion to the truth, which make one trustworthy, forthright, responsible, and fair.

A creative spirit that promotes intellectual and personal growth through exploration, inquiry, and openness to change.

A sustained commitment to meeting high standards of character, achievement, and personal accountability.

Fundamental regard for the dignity and worth of each individual.

A commitment to responsive and compassionate citizenship and service on campus, in the local community, and in the broader world.
"My closest friends in life I met at Collegiate. Not only did I have a loving family but my friends' families took a strong and loving interest in me. That dynamic continues today and becomes more enjoyable with each child and grandchild coming into our lives." – Hunter Lansing '00 Parent


Collegiate is committed to a diverse and well-rounded student body, faculty, and staff. Please read more on our diversity initiatives.