Responsible Citizenship
"Responsible Citizenship is the foundation of the Collegiate experience. It's the embodiment of 'Minds that seek, hearts that serve.'"
Clare Sisisky
Director of Responsible Citizenship Initiative and Director of Strategic Planning

Our Mission

Responsible Citizenship at Collegiate empowers engaged, contributing citizens by nurturing students’ compassion, creativity and purpose.

Special Report

Our school’s promise is to nurture and equip our students as scholars and citizens. The Responsible Citizenship Initiative brings together eight vital areas (known as pillars) of school life under one umbrella to ensure that each grade level builds on the foundation of the previous one, supporting students’ Junior Kindergarten through 12th Grade growth. The initiative builds a cohesive curriculum in these areas by fully immersing into the academic program.

The eight pillars of Responsible Citizenship are: Global Engagement, Inclusion, Economic Literacy, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, Ethics, Civic Engagement, Service Learning.

Ignite - Responsible Citizenship Blog

Ignite offers insight into how our initiative is coming to life in the curriculum of Collegiate. By highlighting various examples of student projects and faculty reflections across the eight pillars, Ignite both informs and inspires the Collegiate community and beyond to continue to engage young people in their communities as a vehicle for powerful learning.

Recent Highlights

List of 4 news stories.

  • Sustainability and Service

    A group of Lower Schoolers and Middle Schoolers spent a morning collaborating on a service project while simultaneously learning from our campus grounds staff.
  • Upper School Jazz Band Performs at Generation Dream 2017

    The Collegiate Upper School Jazz Band performed during the Richmond Peace Education Center’s annual Generation Dream concert on Wednesday at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School in the city. Generation Dream 2017 is part of an “edu-concert” series held during Black History Month to honor of Dr. King. It features dozens of talented youth from the Richmond metro area.
  • Retired 1st Grade teacher Sallie Tinney with students and a Buddy Bench

    Lower School “Buddy Benches” Inspire Kindness

    Two new “Buddy Benches” on Collegiate’s Lower School campus — one near Fort Cougar and the other near the Estes Building patio — were installed last week to teach students about empathy and inclusiveness.
  • Keynote speaker Kelsey Timmerman

    Collegiate Hosts Global Issues Forum for Area High School Students

    Collegiate School welcomed more than 90 high school students from nine public and private schools around the state today for the 4th Annual Global Issues Forum, which addresses ways youths in the local community can impact global challenges. Sixteen Collegiate seniors who are students in a Global Discussion Senior Seminar also participated.
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