Planned Giving is one way to ensure your support of Collegiate and is an important part of your estate planning. By including Collegiate in your estate plan, you make a statement of your confidence in our School and it is a powerful way to ensure our future strength. Our Helen Baker Society recognizes those individuals who have made provisions in their estate plans for Collegiate.

Helen Baker Society

Founding of the Society
For Collegiate School founder Helen Baker, her gift to the future School was her vision. In the year 2000, the Helen Baker Society was formed to honor those individuals who likewise share a vision for Collegiate. Specifically, the Society is comprised of persons who have made provisions for the School in their estate plans. Members of the Helen Baker Society have an honored status at Collegiate because their thoughtful planning ensures a future of enduring vitality for the School in addition to securing its fiscal stability. The commitments of Society members constitute one of Collegiate’s most valuable assets.

Criteria for Membership
Gifts which will qualify contributors for membership include the following:
  • bequests;
  • gifts through living and testamentary trusts;
  • gifts through charitable trusts such as remainder and lead trusts;
  • gifts of retirement plan assets and IRAs;
  • gift annuities;
  • gifts of a remainder interest in a home or farm;
  • survivorship designations on various types of accounts;
  • and life insurance designations.

The Helen Baker Society recognizes those individuals who have made provisions in their estate plans for Collegiate School. Those designated as Charter Members took certain steps towards creating their gifts prior to June 1, 2001.

List of 2 items.

  • Helen Baker Charter Members

    Mrs. Nancy Archbell Bain
    Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan G. Brougham
    Mrs. Grace Wallace Brown 1948
    Ms. Cecilia E. M. Bullard 1963*
    Ms. June H. Campbell 1946
    Ms. Margaret H. Campbell 1974 and Dr. Richard S. Gitomer
    Mrs. Elizabeth Carlson*
    Mrs. Betty Sams Christian*
    Mr. James H. Cochrane, Jr. 1971
    Mr.* and Mrs. Walter W. Craigie
    Mr. and Mrs. James A. DeVoe 1956
    Dr. and Mrs. E. Henry Diehl, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Edmunds, Jr. 1952
    Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Evans
    Mrs. Nancy Simmons Brockenbrough Foulks 1962
    Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm P. Friddell
    Mr. and Mrs. G. Waddy Garrett 1961
    Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Garson
    Mr. and Mrs.* C. Hobson Goddin
    Mrs. Mildred Elliott Goode*
    Mr. Robert P. Gorrell and Ms. Sabet Stroman
    Ms. Martha J. Goss 1967 and Mr. David Goss
    Mr. and Mrs. Gordon B. Grigg 1981
    Mr. and Mrs. C. Wade Hairfield III
    Mr. and Mrs. Brenton S. Halsey, Sr.
    Mr. and Mrs. A. William Hamill
    Ms. Elizabeth R. Harris 1975
    Mr.* and Mrs. H. Hiter Harris, Jr.
    Dr.* and Mrs. Philip R. Hart
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Anson Hart 1978
    Mr. and Mrs. Wirt H. Hatcher III 1967
    Mr.* and Mrs.* Charles F. Heiner
    Mrs. Nancy Crater Jandl*
    Mrs. Anne Gail Gilman Jennings 1988
    Miss Etta Johnson 1923*
    Colonel and Mrs. Freeman E. Jones 1979
    Mr.* and Mrs. John F. Kay, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. J. Christopher Lansing
    Mrs. Farrell Stubs Laughlin* 1939
    Mr. and Mrs. T. Gaylon Layfield III 1969
    Mrs. Julia Williams Layfield 1970*
    Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Pettus LeCompte 1971
    Mr. Richard K. LeRoy
    Mr. C. M. Little, Jr.*
    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce MacDougal
    Mrs. William L. Major*
    Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Markel 1966
    Mrs. Mary Leigh Marston 1927*
    Mr. and Mrs. William M. Massie, Jr. 1979
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. McCandlish
    Mrs. Alfred McCormack, Jr.
    Mrs. H. C. L. Miller, Jr.*
    Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Monroe III 1977
    Mr.* and Mrs. T. Justin Moore, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank F. Mountcastle, Jr. 1959
    Mrs. Katharine G. Munt 1928*
    Mr. H.E. Neale 1965
    Mrs. Lena Cole Newell 1918*
    Martha Hill Newell 1939*
    Dr.* and Mrs. James F. Oates III
    Mr. and Mrs. Larry G. Pearson
    Mr.* and Mrs. Malcolm U. Pitt, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward Angus Powell, Jr. 1966
    Mr. and Mrs. E. Bryson Powell 1969, 1969
    Ms. Lee Marshall Price 1966
    Mr. Scott Redmond
    Mr. C. Lathrop Reed*
    Mr. and Mrs. Allen B. Rider III
    Mrs. Maria Wornom Rippe 1960
    Richard Andert Robins, Esq. 1986
    Mrs. Elsie Snow Seay 1924*
    Mr.* and Mrs.* Paul M. Shuford
    Mr. and Mrs. Alex Smith 1965
    Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Stettinius
    Mrs. Kay Rucker Strohl
    Mr.* and Mrs. John L. Stultz
    Mr.* and Mrs.* Page Sutherland 1954
    Miss Helen Minor Tanner 1949
    Mr.* and Mrs.* Edgar N. Taylor 1926
    Mr. Charles G. Thalhimer*
    Mr. and Mrs. William B. Thalhimer III 1964
    Mr. Christopher M. Timmons 1970
    Dr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Trani
    The Dr. Thomas Burwell Vaden, Jr.* and Mary Parker Moncure Vaden Foundation
    Mr.* and Mrs.* Wyndham R. White III 1949
    Mrs. Nell Gathright Williams*
    Mr. and Mrs. R. Gregory Williams 1969
    Mrs. Julia Anderson Williams*
    Mr.* and Mrs.* Richard W. Wiltshire 1938
    Dr. and Mrs. B. Gerald Yount 1966
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  • Helen Baker Members

    Ms. Stacy H. Adams
    Mrs. Louie Hunt Baker 1953*
    Mrs. Hylah Boyd Ballowe 1990
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery W. Bayard
    Dr. and Mrs. Wyatt S. Beazley III 1958
    Dr. Richard Leroy Bennett, Jr. 1990
    Ms. Lynne Marie Berkness 1978
    Mr. W. E. Betts, Jr.*
    Mr. and Mrs. Stuart W. Blain
    Mrs. Demie Browne Blair 1939*
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Garrett Bland 1983
    Mrs. Jane Finegan Boinest 1950
    Mrs. Margaret Tilghman Bothwell 1959
    Mrs. Ina-Jeanne Bowles and Dr. Roland L. Bowles
    Mr. and Mrs. Weldon A. Bradshaw
    Mrs. Nancy Toms Breeden 1971
    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Brinkley III 1976
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Robert Brost 1985, 1991
    Mrs. Ann Lee Saunders Brown 1936
    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Brownstein 1985
    Mrs. Patricia Margraf Bussard 1963
    Mrs. Royal E. Cabell, Jr.*
    Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Carter 1977
    Mrs. Allen B. Chamberlain
    Mr. and Mrs. Mason Travers Chapman 1984
    Ms. Roxanne Cherry
    Mrs. Elizabeth Woodroof Cogar 1977
    Mrs. A. Christian Compton
    Ms. Mary Maxwell Conner 1972
    Mrs. Anne Margaret Daniel 1981
    Dr. Ralph and Jean Davison
    Mr. Charles Michael DeCamps 1968
    Mrs. Margaret Anderton Dortch 1937*
    Mr. Woodson T. Drumheller
    Mr. Neil Page Farmer 1974
    Mr. James Smith Ferebee*
    Mrs. Elizabeth Conner Flippen 1967
    Mrs. Susan J. Fourness-Ewell
    Mrs. Lisa Levey Freeman 1975
    Mr.* and Mrs.* T. Fleetwood Garner
    Mr.* and Mrs.* William Gatewood
    Mrs. Lillian Cabell Gay 1932*
    Mr. and Mrs. Noah C. P. Greenbaum 2003, 2004
    Mrs. Ann H. Griffin
    Mrs. Mary B. Hamilton*
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Reid Harris 1978, 1985
    Mr. and Mrs. Hugh T. Harrison II
    Mrs. Marion Bower Harrison 1944*
    Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Vernon Hawthorne 1978
    Mrs. Jacqueline Fowlkes Herod 1939*
    Mrs. Elizabeth Flippo Hutchins 1988 and Mr. William M. Hutchins
    Mrs. Elizabeth Isaacs
    Mrs. Anne Baldwin Jamerson 1978
    Mr. Lawrence W. Jarman, Jr.
    Miss Mary Garland Jefferson 1961
    Mrs. Champ Roberts Johnson 1956
    Mrs. E. Leigh Dobbins Johnson 1978
    Mr. and Mrs. W. Andrew Karo 1977, 1977
    Mr. John Franklin Kay III 1978
    Ms. Sarah Doddridge Kay 1975
    Dr. Lisa L. Kirkland 1976
    Mrs. Virginia Wight Lamb 1930*
    Mr. and Mrs. Glenn J. Laskin 1989, 1990
    Dr. Benjamin B. LeCompte III 1968
    Mr. William Harvey LeCompte 1978
    Mrs. Benjamin B. LeCompte, Jr. 1943*
    Mr.* and Mrs. Carl M. Lindner, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. James F. Lipscomb, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. Long, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. John Watkins Martin 1978
    Ms. Claiborne Scott Mason 1978
    Mr. Alan McCullough, Jr.*
    Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. McGill III 1989
    Mr. James Moore McMahon 1974
    Ms. Gaye C. Montgomery
    Mrs. Lucy Boswell Negus 1955
    Ms. Mil Norman-Risch
    Mr. Randolph W. Nuckols, Jr.*
    Mr. and Mrs. James R. Oliver, Sr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D.R. Palmore
    Mr. Carl P. Parrish III
    Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Pendleton III 1969
    Ms. Joanne E. Pratt*
    Mr. and Mrs. Gerry C. Quindoza
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Zafar Qureshi 1988
    Mr. and Mrs. Duane H. Ragsdale
    Mr. and Mrs. William Reeves
    Mr. and Mrs. Chris Remke 1978
    Mr. Robert Coleman Rice III 1986
    Mr. and Mrs. Crit T. Richardson 1976, 1975
    D. Brian Richardson, Esq. 1977
    Mr. and Mrs. Gregory B. Robertson
    Dr. and Mrs. William A. Robertson
    Mr. Charles Russell Robins III 1969
    Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas A. Roupas
    Miss Jane Quinn Saunders 1933*
    Ms. Carol Irene Seligman 1974*
    Ms. Julia W. Shannon 1972
    Ms. Nancy Gayle Smith-Jackson 1978
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Talbot Spraker 1992
    Mr. and Mrs. John G. Stallings
    Mrs. Margaret Duncan Stallings 1949
    Mr. and Mrs. Gerald T. Stanewick
    Mr. James T. Stephens
    Mr. and Mrs. W. Hildebrandt Surgner, Jr. 1983
    Mrs. Pamela Anderson Sutherland
    Mr. Morton Thalhimer III 1973
    Mrs. Rhoda R. Thalhimer*
    Mrs. Sibyl H. Thalhimer
    Mrs. Nancy White Thomas*
    Mr. and Mrs. Addison B. Thompson 1966
    Mrs. Rebecca LeCompte Thornton 1972
    Mr. Arthur Todras
    Ms. Melissa P. Vaughan 1983
    Mr. Darren D. Vita
    Mr. Richard Lee Ware 1977
    Ms. Mary Morris Watt 1933*
    Dr. Arthur Weinstein
    Mr.* and Mrs. Hugh V. White, Jr.
    Mrs. James L. Wiley*
    Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Wilson
    Mr. and Mrs. E. Carlton Wilton
    Ms. Carolyn Levey Winks 1978
    Miss Kimberly Ellen Wright 1986
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"The generosity of the entire Collegiate School community allows us to advance the mission of the School and continually enhance students' experience, programs, facilities, and faculty and staff development opportunities. We are grateful to the many parents, alumni, grandparents, and friends who support Collegiate School."
Kristen Williams
Chief Development Officer