Endowment contributions demonstrate the heart and soul of what makes Collegiate School so great. For over 100 years, many people have contributed time, talent and spirit in a unique and inspiring way to touch the lives of our students and faculty at Collegiate. Through generous contributions from families, classmates and friends, named scholarships and endowments have been established to perpetuate the legacy of these individuals.

Creating a Legacy Through Endowment

Gifts to Collegiate’s endowment are particularly valuable because they are invested in perpetuity, creating a permanent source of funding for ongoing priorities, such as faculty and staff professional development, scholarship and facilities maintenance. The generous endowment donor can be assured that these gifts will serve their intended purposes for as long as the School continues to exist. The gift is never spent; each year a portion of the investment gain is used to support the School’s activities.

Collegiate has an impressive collection of 170 restricted and unrestricted endowment and scholarship funds. As of June 30, 2022, these endowments were valued at just over $84.6 million.

Endowment Growth & Returns

Endowed Scholarships and Funds

During the 2022-23 school year, income was received for the following endowments and restricted funds. It is Collegiate’s policy to use a portion of the market value of endowed funds to support programs designated by the donors and the Board of Trustees. The balance of the income is reinvested in order to preserve the value of Collegiate School’s endowment relative to inflation. For more information on Collegiate’s endowed funds or to establish a new one, please contact Kristen Williams, Chief Development Officer, at 804.741.9722 or

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  • List of Funds

    Stephen P. Adamson Scholarship
    Hugh H. Addy Scholarship
    Benjamin Pollard and Martha Tinsley Alsop Scholarship
    Alumni Grants for Faculty Excellence
    Alumni Scholarship
    Alumni Technology Endowment
    Stephen R. Anderson Endowment for the Love of the Arts
    Mr. and Mrs. W. Preston Baldwin, Jr. Scholarship
    David N. Bannard Endowment for Teaching Excellence
    Kenneth W. Beaver, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
    Susan Materne Benson Scholarship
    The Charlie Blair Endowment for Middle School
    The Weldon Bradshaw Scholarship Fund
    Andrew Jackson Brent Award
    Arthur S. Brinkley, Jr. Grants for Faculty Excellence
    Britten Endowment for Mathematics
    Campaign for Collegiate - Athletics Endowment
    Campaign for Collegiate - Financial Aid Endowment
    Campaign for Collegiate - Program/Professional Development
    Campaign for Collegiate - Technology Endowment
    Ann Bowers and Elijah Davis Catterton Scholarship
    Endowed Award in Chinese
    Melissa and Mark A. Christian and Family Endowment
    Class of '64 Professional Development Fund
    Class of '67 Scholarship
    Class of '71 Scholarship
    Class of '74 Endowment for International Studies
    Class of '77 Anne Jones Staff Award
    Class of '78 Endowment for Faculty Recruiting
    Class of '80 Scholarship
    Class of '81 Scholarship
    Class of '84 Community Service Award
    John P. Coates Endowment for Faculty Support
    The Collegiate Endowment for STEAM
    Collegiate Experience Endowment
    Collegiate School 50th Reunion Endowment
    Collegiate School Speakers Series Endowment
    Adeline Cox Music Award
    Craigie Endowment for Teaching Excellence
    Darr-Davis Investment Endowment
    Catherine A. Davis Library Endowment
    sMiles Domalik Scholarship
    Maureen Donnahoe Library Endowment
    Maureen Donnahoe Scholarship
    Stanley F. Druckenmiller Endowment for English
    Engard Art Award
    Keith A. Evans Endowment for School Leadership
    Catharine Stauffer Flippen Scholarship
    Edward E. Ford Foundation Endowment for Coaching Excellence
    Edward E. Ford Foundation Minority Scholarship
    Edward E. Ford Foundation Scholarship
    Edward E. Ford Teaching Fellows Endowment
    Galston Family Scholarship
    Rosamond L. Galston Fund for the Study of Asian Culture and Language
    Diane E. Glenn Scholarship
    Martha Clark Goss '67 and David Goss Innovation Endowment
    Gottwald Science Endowment
    The Lewis B. and Benjamin L. Greenbaum Award
    Ann Griffin Endowment for Excellence in Teaching
    The Ann H. Griffin and Karen S. Doxey Endowment for Science and Girls Athletics
    The Roger "Doc" Hailes Student Athlete Award
    Cornelia Hall International Exchange Student Endowment
    Hamill Family Endowment
    Scott Harden Creative Arts Award
    Harrison Family Learning Resource Endowment
    The Mary and Steve Hickman Endowment
    Hirschler Science Research Award
    Dianne Nunnally Hoppes Financial Aid Endowment
    The Betty Maynard Hotchkiss Scholarship
    Brian Hurst Golf Endowment
    Scotty and Petey Jacobs Athletic Endowment
    Samuel D. Jessee Endowment for Leadership
    JK-12 Economics Education Quasi - Endowment
    Anne and Grover Jones Scholarship
    The Jones Family Endowment for Faculty Development and Mentoring
    The Jessica Joseph Endowment
    George E. Kaugars Scholarship
    Rob Kelly Spirit Award
    F. C. Kiefer Wrestling Endowment
    Klaus Family Endowment
    Martha Kolbe Award
    Abrahamsson Kyrolainen Education and Community Outreach Endowment
    Lewis Lawson Ton of Coins by Interact Club
    Julia Williams Layfield Endowment for Service
    The LeCompte Family Fund Endowment
    Carolyn Levey Music Fund and Award
    Light a Star Endowment
    John R. Lower Memorial Grant
    Luck Family Academic Services Endowment
    Jake MacNelly, Jr. Endowment for the Arts
    Make a Splash Swimming Endowment
    Mallonee Library Book Fund
    Massey Endowment for Science
    Dr. and Mrs. Emmett C. Mathews Technology Endowment
    Mary G. McCormack Faculty Financial Aid Endowment
    McCormack Women's Athletic Endowment
    John Peyton McGuire Memorial Scholarship
    Selma C. Meyers Scholarship
    Middle School Choral Award
    Middle School Technology Award
    J. Clifford Miller III Learning Resource Endowment
    Helen Moon Senior English Award
    Catherine Barron Moreau Scholarship
    Randolph Nuckols Quasi Endowment for Woodworking
    Nunnally Hall Building Endowment
    James F. Oates III Emerging Artist Award
    Oates Endowment for the Arts
    Oates Endowment for Creative and Innovative Teaching
    Richard D. Obenshain Scholarship
    Parents' Association Endowment for Faculty Professional Development
    Mary Morton Parsons Scholarship
    The Mary and Billy Peebles Endowment for Faculty and Staff Development
    Williams E. Pembleton, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
    Ruth and Milton Perel Scholarship
    Physicians' Endowment for Computer Science
    The Karen A. Pickett Endowment for Faculty Support
    Malcolm U. Pitt, Jr. Scholarship
    E. Angus Powell Endowment for American Enterprise
    Elizabeth Bryson Powell Award
    Madame Marcia Powell Language Lab Endowment
    Joanne Pratt Award for Teaching Excellence
    Peggy Fish Rada Endowment for Multiculturalism
    Dr. William F. Reames Scholarship
    Charles Larus and Edythe Robertson Reed Scholarship
    William "Bill" Reeves Endowment for Ethical Behavior, Diversity and Global Outreach
    William "Bill" Reeves Renaissance Student Award
    Katie Rexrode Scholarship
    The Martha L. Robertson and C.B. Robertson III STEM Endowment
    Rockefeller Endowment for Excellence in Teaching
    Rosedale Minority Recruitment Endowment
    Rosemary Award
    Rosenthal Endowment for Foreign Languages
    Schewel Family Minority Scholarship
    David Schools Scholarship for Music
    Martha Elizabeth Schwarz Honorarium for Excellence in Teaching in the Lower School
    Seal Athletic Endowment
    Ted Shaffner Theater Fund
    Sharp Academic Commons Endowment in Support of Visual Arts
    Rebecca S. Shepherd Endowment for Leadership in Economic Education
    Paul M. Shuford Scholarship
    Virginia Courtney Simpson Award
    Susan and Mark Sisisky Global Enrichment Fund
    The Alex Smith Family Endowment
    Spinner Family Endowment
    Stettinius Endowment for Educational Excellence
    Amanda Surgner Financial Aid Endowment
    Helen Minor Tanner Scholarship
    Texaco Star Scholarship
    Charles G. Thalhimer, Sr. & Family Endowment for College Counseling
    Charles G. Thalhimer, Sr. & Family Technology Endowment
    Ellen Thalhimer Senior French Award
    The Nancy P. Thalhimer Scholarship
    Nancy White Thomas Scholarship
    Christopher George Thompson Scholarship
    Jessie Baker Thompson Endowment for the Arts
    Mary Parker Moncure Vaden Endowment for Citizenship and the Arts
    Anne Velez Memorial Endowment
    Weinstein Endowment for Character Education
    Weinstein Family Community Outreach and Service Endowment
    Caleb Wharton Memorial Scholarship
    Mancha H. White Endowment
    Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation
    Whitfield Fund for Excellence in Writing
    Nancy P. Whitley Endowment for Mathematics
    Whitlow Family Endowment for the Theater Arts
    Clarence B. Williams Award
    Frances Leigh Williams Journalism Award
    Julia Anderson Williams Grant for Faculty Development
    Nell G. Williams Science Fund
    Armenia E. Winestock Scholarship

Collegiate School Endowments

“A vibrant culture of philanthropy has sustained Collegiate’s ability to offer excellence in education for over 100 years. Endowment plays a vital role in allowing the School to fulfill its mission and ensure long-term financial stability.”
Maria Cobb
Director of Development Operations

"I was delighted when I read that the 50th Reunion Endowment had been established, particularly because it is targeted to providing resources for faculty and staff to continue their professional development...while benefiting current and future students." Alumnus