Academic excellence at Collegiate begins with knowing our students well and seeking to maximize each student’s potential. A balanced, comprehensive and connected curriculum from JK-12th Grade allows our students to develop the skills, understandings and habits of mind necessary to thrive and lead as scholars, citizens and leaders in today’s and tomorrow’s world. Outstanding student achievement, superior teaching, college preparatory curriculum and innovative programs and instruction are the foundations upon which high academic expectations and academic excellence are built at Collegiate. Our teachers work every day to model ways of thinking that are both independent and collaborative, and to remind our students that they matter. Together, they enthusiastically pursue goals, yet learn at every grade level to see beyond themselves by serving others, locally and worldwide. Collegiate graduates are expansive and inquisitive thinkers prepared to engage the challenges of a rapidly changing world with proficiency, openness, creativity, confidence and compassionate leadership.
"Love of learning is present in every aspect of Collegiate. The creative spirit that allows for personal and intellectual growth is evident from our youngest learners to our most veteran faculty members. Our community is one that learns through inquiry, exploration, and collaboration."

Courtney Martin,
Associate Head of School