Author Adam Gidwitz Visits With Middle Schoolers

Bestselling author Adam Gidwitz visited Collegiate School today and spent time with the entire MIddle School, holding a writing workshop and three assemblies, during which he and the students discussed several of his books.
Four students from each grade were selected by their English teachers to take part in the workshop in Reeves Center. Mr. Gidwitz walked them through the various stages of writing a story, from creating a hero to coming up with the catalyst to describing the adventure, the climax and the (optional) happily ever after. He encouraged students to “have fun creating your tale.”

Prior to Mr. Gidwitz’s visit, students had chosen one of three titles to read: Tale Dark and Grim, The Inquisitor’s Tale or So You Want to be a Jedi? They also had taken part in an activity with different grade levels working together to promote bonding between the students.

In each assembly, students and Mr. Gidwitz discussed their chosen book.
Middle School English teacher Rives Fleming coordinated the day’s activities and was delighted that each student was able to attend the assembly related to his or her chosen book.

“That really allowed the kids to connect with Mr. Gidwitz’s talk and enjoy the whole experience even more,” he said. “Learning how he came up with the ideas for the specific book they enjoyed made it even more meaningful. The different ages connected with him on totally different levels. That is what we love about his books; there is something for everyone!”

At the end of the day, Mr. Gidwitz signed many copies of his books for students and teachers in Reed-Gumenick Library.
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