Seventh Grader Leads Cub Basketball Team

As his Collegiate Cub basketball team’s go-to player, 7th Grader Wyatt King established himself as the club’s leader early in the season.
In the team’s first game against a tough Seven Hills School team, he scored almost 20 points and carried his club down the stretch.
“Wyatt is our leading scorer, our toughest defender and our fiercest competitor,” said coach Brian Justice. “He leads by word and deed.”
Currently, the team sports a 5-0 record.
Mark Newlen, Collegiate Middle School physical education teacher, says Wyatt is just as competitive and hard working in practice as he is during games.
“He wants to win every wind sprint,” Mr. Newlen said. “I just see him giving total effort every time he steps on the court.”
Wyatt also plays with a sense of sportsmanship, enjoying the competition and respecting those he plays against.
“He plays the game with passion, teamwork, unselfishness and a great attitude,” Mr. Newlen said. “He is the kind of athlete we want wearing a Collegiate uniform.”