Collegiate Launches New Lower School Nutrition Program

Collegiate School announced the launch of a new nutrition program at the Lower School Town Hall meeting today that will educate JK-4th Graders on the importance of making good, healthy choices at lunchtime and beyond.

The program, developed in collaboration with Aladdin at Collegiate, features the Fantastic Five, a cast of characters who represent the five food groups — Frankie Fruit, Danny Dairy, Priscilla Protein, Victor Veggie and Gracie Grain — and reinforce the importance of moderation, variety and balance in a student’s diet. This morning, five Lower Schoolers took the stage wearing costumes that represented the Fantastic Five, to help their classmates get excited about healthier eating.

The program also will incorporate in-class lessons as well as hands-on demonstrations from the Aladdin staff in Centennial Hall, the Lower School cafeteria. Students will also receive tools that allow them to practice their good eating habits at home. Today they received their first monthly menu, a refrigerator magnet and stickers they can use to track their after-school consumption of items from each food group. Parents will also receive a brochure that provides details about the program and how they can be supportive.

The Fantastic Five program is Collegiate’s latest initiative in its wellness programming, which synergizes with Collegiate’s six-year-old Link It & Live It program.

“The focus of Link It & Live It continues to be on healthy eating, sleeping and physical activity and how together they impact the heart, brain and body,” said Kathy Wrenn, coordinator of Collegiate’s Wellness Program. “We see this nutrition program as an extension of Link It & Live It.”

Each month, one of the five food groups will be represented. September features Frankie Fruit with different varieties of pears being highlighted. On “Try It Tuesdays,” all students — even those not on meal plan — will have the chance to try foods from the month’s featured food group.

“We believe we are at the forefront of a trend in education and are excited to not only introduce the Fantastic Five to the Lower School but to begin working on an age appropriate program for the Middle School,” said Christine Branin, Director of Auxiliary Services.

And most importantly, the program will instill an interest in healthy eating that Collegiate hopes will sustain Cougar students for years to come.

“The lunch room is a teaching platform for developing lifelong, healthy eating habits,” said Mrs. Wrenn.