Students Learn About Sacred Heart Center Using Design Thinking

As part of Collegiate School’s senior Capstone course, International Emerging Leaders - Americas, students focus on an in-depth service learning program in partnership with Sacred Heart Center, a Richmond nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the Latino community.
Students learn the needs of the local Richmond Latino community by using Design Thinking, a five-step process for creative problem-solving, and meeting various staff members of the center.  

Through conversations and interviews, students learn clients’ needs and gain new and different perspectives. Throughout the Capstone, students focus on cross-cultural communication and leadership skills.

The next step of the Design Thinking process is Interpretation and involves gathering the information collected to focus efforts on a central question to guide the last three phases of the process: Ideation, Prototyping and Testing.

By the end of the Capstone, students will create a solution to the problem identified through the Design Thinking process for the clients of the Sacred Heart Center.