Kindergarten Shoe Store Teaches Economics and Empathy

Collegiate School Kindergartners in Beth Anne Shelly and Elizabeth Andrews' classes recently collaborated on creating their own shoe store to learn about economics and empathy, and the Kinder Kids Shoe Store opened for business this morning in Centennial Hall.
For the project, students visited Richmond-based Saxon Shoes to tour an authentic shoe store. They researched the types of shoes sold in the store, how the shoes were grouped and displayed, how the storeroom was organized, where the cash register was located and how it worked, and the responsibilities of the salespeople. Equipped with clipboards and paper to write and draw, as well as iPads to take photos, students divided into five groups and revisited areas of interest to research the business of selling shoes.

They then collected shoes from the Collegiate community to sell in their store and discussed two books, Those Shoes and Stand in My Shoes. Ultimately, they decided, the proceeds from their sales should be donated to United Methodist Family Services so that the organization could buy new shoes for foster children.

The project incorporated math (counting, sorting, tallying and graphing), social studies (alike and different), economics (goods vs. services, buying/selling, supply/demand) and Responsible Citizenship (developing empathy for others), says Kindergarten teacher Beth Anne Shelly.

“The Kindergarten classes have loved being part of the shoe project and have been so excited for the big day!” Mrs. Shelly said of today’s launch. “We blew it up big, Collegiate style!”

The Kinder Kids Shoe Store will also be open on Wednesday, Feb. 7 from 8:30-9:45 a.m. in Centennial Hall.

Click here to view a “commercial” for the Kindergartner’s store.
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