Fourth Graders Present Simulation Project

Collegiate 4th grade students wrapped up Zoom Toys, their nine-week-long simulation project, in which they learned what it was like to work in a manufacturing environment and were introduced to the Google Suite of applications.
The students created rockets made out of paper, tested them and compiled the data. Karen Hurd, Lower School technology resource teacher, says the students collaborated on tasks including how to create a graph from data in a spreadsheet and how to copy and paste a graph from a spreadsheet to the slide presentation. They’ve also learned the best method to search for images, created a bulleted list within a text box and added transitions to a slide presentation.
Near the end of the project, working with a partner, students produced a video advertisement about their rockets. Each partnership gave a presentation to “management” (Collegiate administrators) to see if they would produce their products. Among the administrators were Head of Lower School Debbie Miller, Assistant Head of Lower School Laura Fields, Chief Academic Officer Susan Droke, Director of Instructional Technology Patty Sinkler and Lower School Curriculum and Instruction Specialist Cheryl Gahagan.

“It’s been wonderful observing the students’ interactions as they decide what to include in their slide presentations,” Mrs. Hurd said. “So much learning goes on ‘behind the scenes.’”