Collegiate 4th Graders Host Dinner for Recent Immigrants

Collegiate 4th Graders hosted nearly 100 guests from ReEstablish Richmond this evening in Centennial Hall for a potluck dinner, a culminating service learning event as part of their immigration studies. ReEstablish Richmond, a nonprofit organization, helps refugees transition to their new lives in the city.
Laura Jones, Refugee Outreach Coordinator for ReEstablish Richmond, said the dinner was a wonderful opportunity for the attendees to experience a purely social situation.

 “It is a gift for them to be the honored guests and be welcomed by Americans,” she said.
For the event, the students helped set up Centennial Hall, created colorful signs and drew each guest’s flag, “to make the guests feel welcome,” said one 4th Grader.
The students interacted with the guests and played games with the children who attended. They then helped serve the food and cleaned up afterward.