Maasai Chief Shares Culture, Stories with Collegiate Students

Collegiate School Kindergartners, 6th Graders and 10th Graders enjoyed a visit this afternoon from Maasai Chief Joseph ole Tipanko of Kenya, who engaged them with stories of his people, history, culture and traditions.
Chief Joseph tours the U.S. annually in partnership with the United Nations to promote his mission to improve living conditions for his impoverished people while holding onto the beauty of old culture and traditions. The Maasai number over 1 million people in Kenya and Tanzania. Chief Joseph leads more than 5,000 Maasai tribal members in Kenya.
During the visit, Chief Joseph and John Parsitau, his fellow tribesman, shared stories of their culture and the Maasai tradition that emphasizes family and respecting the environment. Students listened intently to stories about gender roles, the informal nature of the Maasai education and how the tribe uses stories to teach their children to live in harmony with all. Chief Joseph also invited student volunteers to don a traditional Maasai wedding necklace and warrior headdress and shield. He and Mr. Parsitau then sang a traditional Maasai song.