Collegiate’s Darr-Davis Investment Advisory Board Visits New York

Members of Collegiate’s Darr-Davis Investment Advisory Board, accompanied by Upper School Economics teacher Rob Wedge, visited New York City in July, where they toured the New York Stock Exchange, Manhattan’s Financial District and the Museum of American Finance. 
The group included seniors Wescott Lowe and Emily Mendelson, co-presidents of the advisory board, and new member Jane Carlton Gremer, also a senior. Wescott planned the trip, set the itinerary and made appointments with investment professionals and Collegiate alumni who work in finance.
Mr. Wedge was impressed with the way his students interacted on a professional level with investment bankers and wealth managers.
"They listened intently, asked wonderful questions and showed that they are taking their jobs seriously," he said. “It was a great example of what students can do when they organize something they are passionate about and determined to learn." 
Wescott found the experience of visiting Wall Street an eye-opening one.
“Wall Street is often perceived as a cold and cutthroat world filled with people focused only on wealth,” she said. “I was expecting to witness some of that during the trip, but I was instead presented with genuine passion. Each professional that we visited was so interested in their career and loved meeting students like us who were interested as well. The trip humanized Wall Street for me.”
The trip also provided the Darr-Davis leaders the opportunity to learn about a very important part of their jobs — creating strategies for growing the portion of the student-managed Darr-Davis portfolio that is then distributed to student activities.