Collegiate Welcomes Back Faculty

Centennial Hall buzzed with the arrival of 360 enthusiastic Collegiate School faculty and staff for the annual All School Opening Meeting, led by Head of School Steve Hickman.
Mr. Hickman welcomed everyone, including the 26 new community members, to the 2017-18 school year — the 103rd year of Collegiate. He then introduced new Board Chair Frank Mountcastle III ‘83, who moved into his role on July 1, 2017, replacing former chair John O’Neill, who had served with distinction for three years.

Mr. Mountcastle spoke about how Collegiate has been a part of his life for 50 years as a student, alumnus, parent and member of a legacy family. (His mother and grandmother attended the Town School.)   

“I have a keen appreciation for how great this place is,” he said. “I am truly humbled to stand in front you. You are the core of this School community. Thank you for all you do to prepare our children for college and to become responsible citizens.”

Mr. Hickman addressed the audience and reiterated the commitment of Collegiate’s Board of Trustees to diversity and inclusion, especially in light of recent local and national events.

“Preparing our young people starts right here,” he said. “When our students return, we must be at our very best. We must model well.”

Faculty and staff mentors introduced the new community members with career information, fun facts and even a poem. Mr. Hickman acknowledged the following faculty and staff members with 10 years of service: Mike Boyd, Scott Carson, Jessica Catoggio, Debbie Clabo, Erica Coffey, Jeff Dunnington, Xin-Yi Fergusson, Lillian Hazelton, Allison Moyer, Jenn Quindoza, Annie Richards, Mindy Romanosky, Esperanza Soria-Nieto, Vlastik Svab, Bart Thornton, Christine Waldron, Sarah Williamson and Laura Zyglocke. Each received his or her own Collegiate wooden chair.

Allen Chamberlain, Karen Doxey, James Garrant and Karen Hurd (who was unable to be in attendance) were honored for 30 years of service.

Mr. Hickman then honored the following six faculty members with awards for their dedication and passion:

The 2017 Class of 1977 Anne Jones Staff Award: Shannon Winston
The 2017 Andrew Jackson Brent Award: Brad Cooke
The 2017 Craigie Endowment for Teaching Excellence Award: Cindy Cargas
The 2017 Ann Griffin Award for Excellence in Teaching: Suzanne Lewis
The 2017 Martha Elizabeth Schwarz Award: Susan Leahy

At the meeting’s conclusion, Mr. Hickman charged the faculty to make the 2017-18 school year a great one.

“In times like these, extraordinary challenges require an extraordinary response,” he said. “That’s when Collegiate is at its best.”
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