Senior Seminar Classes Present Final Projects

As a culmination of semester-long efforts in Senior Seminars, students presented findings and recommendations to guests, faculty, administration and professionals. They also discussed and debated the food industry with local experts and met with nonprofit organizations to deliver solutions.
Food In America 
In the Food in America seminar, students identified four topics: The Local Food Movement: Sustainable Farming and Artisans; Nutrition: What to Eat; Food Marketing; and Food Insecurity in RVA as key areas of interest based on class studies. To understand the topics of interest more fully, individuals with a background in the food industry and those who have influence in the Richmond food movement joined the class for discussion and debate. Read more about the class visit to Polyface Farms here.
Challenges of the Global World
The Challenges of the Global World seminar provides a forum for investigating the world, recognizing the value in hearing the stories and perspectives of those with different lived experiences, and developing skills to make students more effective in their attempts to turn global challenges into opportunities for action. Students delivered impactful presentations at the conclusion of the course demonstrating their deeper understanding of the impact of the ongoing civil conflict on the South Sudanese people. Read more here.
International Emerging Leaders Americas
Collegiate School students in the International Emerging Leaders - Americas senior seminar visited Sacred Heart Center, a nonprofit serving Richmond’s Latino community, to present creative ideas to assist the organization. This spring, the students have focused on an in-depth service-learning program with the center.  Read more here.
As a culmination of their seminar, CreateAthon: Working with Nonprofits, and their experience participating in a CreateAthon on Campus, six teams of Collegiate School seniors presented their work to help area organizations with their marketing campaigns.  Read more here.