Middle School Leadership Team Presents Findings

The Middle School Leadership Team is composed of 8th Grade students who have expressed interest in service and leadership throughout their Middle School experience. This year, the Middle School Leadership Team interviewed and learned about the roles of the staff and administration who work beyond the classroom to operate and maintain Collegiate School.
Students met with security, groundskeeping, athletics and development staff members, as well as counselors, nurses and members of the admission department. They reported their findings during a recent Middle School Assembly.

The security team emphasized their role in building trust and keeping the Collegiate community safe while the groundskeepinggroup shared how their work is both busy, physical and a logistical puzzle as they work around the school schedule so their work does not disrupt learning. The long list of responsibilities shouldered by the athletics staff included, but was not limited to,coaching, creating and communicating athletic schedules, hiring coaches and collecting equipment for all teams.
The Collegiate development department emphasized its love of education and watching children grow up, while Brent Miller, Director of Middle and Upper School Admissions, discussed how he and his team spend time giving new families tours, interviewing students and communicating with applicants.
Nurse Kathryn Heit strongly recommends that everyone ““wash their hands!” and Middle School Counselor Sally Chambers advised students to “take care of their mental health, eat good foods, get enough rest, practice mindfulness and manage how you support others as friends.”
“The students did a wonderful job of identifying and understanding the many roles and responsibilities of the Collegiate staff and administration who are not necessarily a part of their everyday experience,” said Suzanne Fleming, Collegiate's Director of Service Learning and Civic Engagement.