International Finance Expert Speaks to Upper School Students

Collegiate Upper School students filled the Craigie Board Room this morning to welcome David Hudson, a senior advisor for the Asian private equity firm ShawKwei & Partners, who offered his unique perspective on living and working in Asia for three decades.
Throughout his career, Mr. Hudson has worked in commercial and investment banking in emerging markets and has extensive infrastructure sector experience in Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. Aside from his current role with ShawKwei, he was employed by JP Morgan, Darby Private Equity and ING Bank Americas in the U.S., and ING Barings Asia Pacific, Salomon Brothers and JP Morgan in Hong Kong.

Mr. Hudson’s responsibilities and successes in the financial services field have included origination, execution, negotiation and closing of investments, risk/credit assessments and approvals, resource allocation, managing infrastructure focused business units and developing strategies for infrastructure opportunities.

Speaking to students in two economics classes and in the International Emerging Leaders - Asia and Global Discussions seminars, as well as to past and future attendees of the Cochrane Summer Economic Institute, Mr. Hudson talked about the changes he had witnessed during his time living and working in Asia, including the 1997 transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to China.

“Hong Kong has been absorbed into China through commerce and political action,” he said. “But it’s interesting to see the Hong Kong people creating their voice and protesting.”

Mr. Hudson opened up the discussion to student questions. Several students queried him, with one student asking what quality would help someone who was interested in working in Asia.

“Incredible flexibility,” Mr. Hudson answered. “You have to appreciate other cultures and not try to impose American values on them. Asia is a very entrepreneurial society. If you bring them new ideas, they will listen to you.”
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