Final Inclusion Tuesday Activity Promotes Kindness

At Collegiate School, the first Tuesday of the month in the Middle School is designated Inclusion Tuesday, during which advisors lead an activity related to diversity and inclusion. In the final Inclusion Tuesday of the year, students participated this morning in a scavenger hunt to learn more about each other and focused on promoting kindness.
Other topics covered this year have included empathy, eliminating stereotypes, the impact of labeling, sharing our commonalities and differences, and avoiding exclusiveness and cliques. Some activities were designated #500Friends, and grouped together 5th and 7th Grade students and 6th and 8th Grade students to offer opportunities for leadership and new friendships.

We believe that our monthly inclusion activities, especially those that mix students from different grade levels, help to build a stronger Middle School community in which we all better appreciate different perspectives and experiences,” said Middle School CounselorSally Chambers, who facilitated the yearlong program.
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