Rich Brown

Rich Brown, an instructor from Where There Be Dragons, a pioneer in the field of cross-cultural experiential education, has worked with community groups while living in Guatemala since 2013. He speaks about his experience in Maya activism and migration in the country. Read more about his visit to Collegiate here.
Born in South Africa to a journalist and a diplomat, Rich has traveled widely. After graduating from college, he worked with retired miners and activists in the town of Appalachia, Virginia, to work against mountaintop removal coal mining. He later landed in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, where he has lived since 2013. He edits the website of EntreMundos Magazine, a bilingual human rights and development publication, gathering stories and articles from grassroots groups, academic experts and public figures to cover issues like climate change, food security and labor relations internationally and in Guatemala. He recruits and supports Guatemalan and foreign writers to publish original journalism and promote intercultural dialogue and equitable and sustainable development.
He loves the daily challenges of working in diverse environments, but when he’s not working, he’s most likely to be near water getting excited about some bird. His happy place is in a canoe on a river looking at birds, tracks and trees. He loves to work with students because he’s as curious as they are, and happiest when he’s learning. He believes that gratitude is the heart of happiness, and works to cultivate his own gratitude every day.

Ethics, Global Engagement, Civic Engagement