2017 Scholastic Art Award Winners

Congratulations the following Scholastic Art Award Winners for 2017!  
"This program gives thousands of students throughout America the opportunity to broaden their creative horizons while earning local and national recognition... The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards were founded in 1923, and have become the nation's largest and longest running program of its kind." - schack.org
GOLD KEY (goes onto national competition)
Jane Fergusson “Drop” (Sculpture)
Julia Mitchell “You Built Palaces out of Paragraphs” (Sculpture)
Slade Woo “Paper Wall” (Drawing and Illustration)

Jane Fergusson “Pax (Mixed Media)
Douglas Williamson “Insecure” (Mixed Media)

Jane Fergusson “Barely Palette-able” (Sculpture)
Brooks Moore “Cosmic” (Digital Art)
William Pohlmann “Gift“ (Sculpture)
Douglas Williamson “Look” (Mixed Media)
Christopher Johnson “Ergo Sum” (Mixed Media)