Spring Retreat Day Features Lessons Beyond the Classroom

Collegiate School 9th-12th Graders are spending the day serving others, learning about themselves and preparing for their futures during their annual Spring Retreat Day.
Each grade level is immersed today in specific activities designed to help students get to know themselves, and others, better:

The freshman class enters its third day of Community Engagement Week, through which all 9th Graders are visiting assigned locations for the day to volunteer. The sites include the Children's Museum of Richmond, Linwood Holton Elementary School, The Hermitage, Faison School and other schools and nonprofit organizations that serve youths, the aging and individuals with disabilities.

Sophomores are spending the day at the University of Richmond, participating in a Healthy Body, Healthy Mind program that includes a presentation by Matt Bellace, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and motivational speaker for youths who will discuss with 10th Graders how to make healthy choices.

Juniors are on campus participating in a workshop with admission officials from 12 schools across the nation. The admission deans and associate deans will lead students in mock application exercises to help juniors understand how prospective students are granted or denied admission, discuss the college essay writing process, and more.

Seniors have a day dedicated to preparing for the transition to college - from a morning talk with a VCU staff member who leads the university's wellness programming to learning self-defense techniques from a professional. They also will spend time with their kindergarten buddies today.

Students will return to classes tomorrow.