Collegiate School STEAM Collabratory Virtual Reality Anatomy

After studying the major systems of the body, the 32 students in Upper School science teacher Dave Privasky’s Human Anatomy class don virtual reality goggles in Upper and Middle School STEAM Coordinator Dan Bartels' room to get a new perspective on what they’ve learned. The 3D Organon VR Anatomy software that Mr. Bartels recommended provides 4,000 realistic anatomical models and structures that allow certain areas disappear to get a more in-depth view.
“It’s almost like you can step into the body,” Mr. Privasky said. “It makes you look at the sciences in a brand-new way.”

He envisions using similar software to teach his biology students about single cell versus multicell organisms or to virtually examine a DNA strand.

“There are so many possibilities to get them excited,” Mr. Privasky said. “I just want to bring the students an opportunity to explore a passion that they may have and maybe ignite something that they haven’t seen in themselves before.”