Second Graders Hold 4th Annual African Market

As part of their Studio Two class that combines art, global education and social entrepreneurship, Collegiate School 2nd Graders opened the 4th annual African Market this morning, offering their families the first chance to order and purchase handmade items.
In the class, taught by Holly Smith, students connect with children enrolled in Jam’s Academy in Bertoua, Cameroon, to learn about each other’s geography, culture, school, families, holidays, religion and rituals.
Using bright and bold West African textiles (pagne in French), the 2nd Graders created products such as magnets, picture frames and hair ties to sell at their market, with all proceeds going toward purchasing books and school supplies for Jam’s Academy. Last year, Mrs. Smith and her students released a children’s book, Pagne Pals: A Story of Cross-Cultural Curiosity and Friendship, which was also available for purchase. Since its inception, the market has raised nearly $5,000.
“These 2nd Graders have seen the African Market in my room since they were in Kindergarten,” Mrs. Smith said. “So they are at a fever pitch because it’s finally their turn.”
The market opens to the entire school on Thursday, Dec. 8.
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