Sports WrapUp, Fall 2016

*As of 1/3
   9-12-1, LIS Semi Finalist, VISAA Semifinalist
     All-LIS: Gwin Sinnott, Jordan Marcus, McGee Roman
    VISAA Quarterfinals: Collegiate 1, St. Catherines 0
    VISAA Semifinals: Norfolk Academy 1, Collegiate 0
    All-State: Gwin Sinnott, Jordan Marcus, McGee Roman
All-Metro: Gwin Sinnott (1st team), McGee Roman (2nd Team)

   17-3,  LIS Runner Up, VISAA Semifinalist
     All-LIS: Georgia Beazley (#1 singles, #1 doubles), Sophie Mitchell (#1 doubles), Bailey Andress (#3 doubles), Mary Ottley (#3 doubles)
      LIS Coach of the Year: Karin Whitt (3-way Tie)
       All-State: 1st Team: Georgia Beazley, Sophie Mitchell
       All-State 2nd Team: Anya Sood

     Prep League championship: Collegiate placed 4th
          All-Prep: Adam Bowes (7th)
     LIS championship: Collegiate placed 2nd
          All-LIS: Maddy Watkins (2nd), Elyse Cram (7th), Emily Stallings (9th)
     VISAA championship
         Collegiate's boys placed 7th in Division I.
            All-State: Adam Bowes (14th
         Collegiate's girls placed 2nd in Division I.
            All-State: Maddy Watkins (6th), Elyse Cram (9th), Emily Stallings (20th)

     12-5, Prep League Runner Up VISAA Quarter finalist
      All-Prep: Carson Groce-Wright, Colson Williams
      PL Coach of the Year: Charlie Blair
      PL Sportsmanship Award: Collegiate School
      VISAA first round: Collegiate 3, STAB 0
      VISAA Quarterfinals: Collegiate 2, Paul VI 3
      All-State: Colson Williams

      7-2, 2nd in Prep League, STATE CHAMPIONS!!
    All-Prep Offense: Jess Speight (Offensive Line), Excellence Perry (Running Back), Jack Johnston (Kicker)
    All-Prep Defense: Patrick Kirchmier (Inside Linebacker), Cole Eck (Outside Linebacker), Berkely Geho (Defensive Line), Jack Sroba (Punt Returner)
        VISAA Semifinals: Collegiate 38, Norfolk Academy 0
        VISAA  Finals: Collegiate 22, Benedictine 14- 
    Offense TBD
         1st Team- Jess Speight (Offensive Line), Jack Johnston (Kicker)
         2nd Team- Excellence Perry (Running Back), 
    Defense TBD
         1st Team- Patrick Kirchmier (Inside Linebacker), Berkely Geho (Defensive Line), Jack Sroba (Punt Returner)
         2nd Team- Cole Eck (Outside Linebacker)
     All-Metro 1st Team: Jess Speight, Jake Johnston
     All-Metro HM: Jack Sroba, Excellence Perry, Berkeley Geho, Patrick Kirchmier

      18-7, LIS semifinalist, VISAA Quarterfinalist
       All-LIS: Brigid O'Shea, Ellie Casalino, Eva Whaley
     VISAA Quarterfinals: Collegiate 1, Norfolk 3