Biology Students Study Macromolecules and World Food Program Needs

Shayna Cooke’s 10th Grade biology students have been studying macromolecules and applying learnings by developing a food product the World Food Program could send to developing nations to satiate kids age 5 and under. The students were handed the following description of the challenge before them:

The World Food Program is employing you to design a new nutrient-rich recipe that will be used to feed millions of people worldwide. The price of food and fuel has increased exponentially and the World Heath Organization has had to cut your budget by 18%, which means that you have a total of $1.25 per meal per child. Ideally, you will be able to feed each child three times per day. A typical serving portion is one cup of prepared food.
Students developed a food product and asked 1st Graders currently exploring nutrition in their coursework to serve as taste testers. The 1st Graders offered feedback to the Upper School students on their product design and ingredients.