Middle Schoolers Hold Market Day

The lawn in front of Flippen Hall was transformed into a walkway of wares today as members of Cougar Enterprises, Collegiate’s Middle School student activity club, held a Market Day and sold their handmade products to classmates. Market Day serves as a hands-on lesson in entrepreneurship, one of the eight pillars in the School’s Responsible Citizenship initiative.
Trina Clemans, Collegiate’s Director of Economic Literacy and Entrepreneurship, worked with 5th-8th Graders on their business plans, budgets and marketing to prepare them for today’s showcase.

"By participating in Market Day, Cougar Enterprises club members experience entrepreneurial economic principles in action," she said. 
More than 40 student merchants offered a variety of sweet treats (cotton candy, candy apples, waffles, snow cones, doughnuts, chocolates, toffee, cookies and marshmallows), slime, jewelry, wreaths, T-shirts and locker magnets, as well as chances at ring tossing and the ever-popular water bottle flipping.
Students could donate their earnings to charity, deposit them in the Golden Cougar Savings Bank (the Middle School’s on-campus financial institution operated by students) or put them toward supplies for next year’s market.
As students began buying up the chocolate Cougar paw candies and chocolate-covered marshmallows made by 7th Grader Trinity Greene-Earley, she decided what she would do with her funds.
“I’m going to save it in the Cougar Bank and get interest so I’ll have some extra money for college,” she said.
At the market’s start, 5th Grader Caitlin O’Brien had already sold one of her $25 decorative seasonal wreaths. She was leaning toward sharing her profits with others.
“I’m going to donate the money to charity,” she said. “I’m just not sure which one.”

Cougar Enterprises will hold three additional Market Days throughout the school year.