Cougar Savings Club Opens in Lower School

Collegiate School 4th Graders opened the Cougar Savings Club today and welcomed their fellow Lower Schoolers to open new accounts or add contributions to existing ones.

Fourth Graders in Blair Chewning's class operate the bank each school year, and in doing so, gain experience in tasks ranging from calculation to customer service.

According to Ms. Chewning, today was a big day, with 19 new student accounts opened and more than $1,025 worth of business.

While the savings club is only open to students, an exception was made for the 20th new account holder - Head of School Steve Hickman.

"His gesture was so very special to my class," Mrs. Chewning said.

Students who open accounts can save money with the club until their tenure in Lower School ends. At the end of 4th Grade, they are cut checks in the amount of their account balances to use however they choose. Many go on to deposit the funds in a local bank elsewhere or redeposit the money in the Golden Cougar Savings Bank, which is operated by Middle School students.