AP Biology Students Learn Integral Role of Animals in Sudanese Culture

As part of their ecology studies, AP biology students met with John Dau, Collegiate's Global Scholar-in-Residence, who shared the integral role domestic and wild animals play in the lives of South Sudanese villagers. 
Mr. Dau's experiences as a boy hunting African animals and caring for chickens, cows and goats shaped how he views and respects wildlife. Students listened intently to stories of a young Mr. Dau cooking eggs in cow dung and the great skill and cooperation needed amongst villages who, on the very rare occasion, were able to bring down elephants and giraffes with teams of as many as 50 men and boys armed with spears. AP biology students will use this experience with Mr. Dau to reflect and analyze how successful conservation efforts rely not only on sound science, but also on a global perspective of the socioeconomic complexities of human interactions with wildlife.