Envision Richmond and Inquiry-based Use of Chromebooks

Two newer initiatives in Middle School include the 1-to-1 Chromebook Initiative and Envision Richmond, the 8th Grade capstone program. Envision Richmond uses a design thinking approach to start our students exploring how our metropolitan area could meet a variety of challenges, from mental health to transportation and from homelessness to bike trails.
For the first part of the week, students venture off campus to learn from community experts. Returning to campus on Wednesday afternoon, they are charged with collaboratively researching their group’s topic, forming a proposal including a prototype and logo, and by Friday, presenting a proposal to local experts. Chromebooks make the whole inquiry-based process much more efficient and productive. Students use them to research their topics, design logos and write the scripts they use in their presentation. Then they present in several campus facilities that feature large projection screens, such as the Academic Commons and the Reed-Gumenick Library. These photos show how intently and collaboratively 8th Graders are involved in this process!