Collegiate Commits to Hosting Virginia High School Ethics Bowl

Citizenship requires engaging in the problems of our local and global communities through discourse and compassionately yet critically assessing reasons for action. By serving as the statewide coordinators and host for the annual Virginia High School Ethics Bowl, Collegiate School maintains its commitment to ethics education and civic engagement, connecting students with their peers to consider in collaboration how we ought to live. Collegiate recently committed to hosting the Virginia High School Ethics Bowl in January, 2016 for the second year in a row. This event is a National Qualifying Event for the National High School Ethics Bowl Championship, to be held at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill through their Parr Center for Ethics. 
An Ethics Bowl is an event where student teams compete by presenting a position in response to questions about real-world cases, with a heavy emphasis on the intersection of ethics with economics and public policy decision making. The teams articulate and defend their positions, thinking through the issues and giving special attention to the moral aspects of the case. The competition in the Ethics Bowl lies solely in how clearly and wisely a team can state its position; unlike a traditional debate, the purpose is clarity of thought - reasonableness over mere rhetoric.  The final round includes the two teams who have emerged out of competing in our previous rounds of competition. Collegiate's team will be built from students in Mrs Boyd's two senior seminar sections of Ethics.