Matisse Prints Add Color to Hershey Center

This week a wonderful gift appeared on the walls of the south hall of the Hershey Center for the Arts -- a collection of prints from Jazz, a book by Henri Matisse. They are a gift from Alice McGuire Massie '79.
"While many of us are seeing them for the first time this week, the Class of 2014 Honors Art students had the chance to study the prints and use them as the inspiration for the designs that became two "stained glass" windows in H2L2," says Dana DuMont, Director of Visual Arts. "Thank you, Alice, for sharing this amazing collection with Collegiate!"

Alice explains how she came up with the idea to share them: "A year ago Terrell Luck Harrigan '77 and I were talking about ways to inspire students to create art that connects the new H2L2 Studios' art rooms to adjacent Hershey Center art and music spaces; I immediately thought of Jazz. Henri Matisse is regarded as one of the most innovative and influential artists of the 20th century. This art can be inspirational for our students. Jazz is timeless."

For further information on the history of the book and the prints, take a minute to see the following short video:
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