Celebrating Student-Athletes on their College Commitments

Collegiate School’s Director of Athletics Andrew Stanley, coaches, teammates and families gathered in Oates Theater to celebrate 12 student-athletes from the Class of 2024 for their commitment to continuing their careers as NCAA athletes. Congrats, Cougars! You make us proud.

Heidi Albrecht, Lacrosse, University of Rhode Island 

“What I've witnessed from Heidi is her willingness to take risks on the field of play with a fearlessness that elevates the level of those around her, with that classic Heidi smile on our face all the while. She approaches each contest with a consistent eagerness and enthusiasm, a true love for the team and the sport. What I feel truly sets her apart is her unwavering dedication and resilient spirit, a greedy underdog mentality that has been the foundation of her success. I have so much confidence that Heidi will truly be successful at the next level as she continues her lacrosse career at the University of Rhode Island. I feel grateful to be part of her journey and I will forever remain one of her biggest fans.”

-Christina Dobson, Head Coach 

Kenley Campbell, Soccer, College of William & Mary 

“Kenley always shows this incredible ability to adapt to the game. She can change the game by speeding it up, slowing it down — whatever the game demands. A quiet leader, a captain last year, she was part of our incredible season. She's always been a team-first player. We're excited to see how she does at William & Mary.” 

-Rob Ukrob, Head Coach

Randolph Campbell, Lacrosse, Providence College

“Randolph has a point guard mentality and is constantly looking to set up his teammates with his feeding from X. He has had to overcome some obstacles, battling back from a major leg injury a few years ago. But his tireless work ethic and dedication to his craft has led him to the opportunity to play for one of the best offensive minds in college lacrosse. Providence is lucky to have such a great player.”

-Zack Schroeder, Head Coach

Warner Lewis, Lacrosse, Virginia Military Institute

“Warner is a warrior, competitor and leader. Nobody plays as hard as Warner does day in and day out. He is the type of player that will stick his nose in the pile for a ground ball or absorb a big check to finish a shot in front of the net. VMI is the perfect choice for him as he continues his education and athletic career. I'm excited to see what the next few years bring for Warner and feel confident knowing our country is getting a great future military officer.”

-Zack Schroeder, Head Coach

Elizabeth Mendoza, Tennis, Virginia Tech

“Elizabeth is always looking for ways to improve on and off the court, and she is probably her hardest critic. Her powerful groundstrokes and her strong powerserve put pressure on her opponents and helps her control the point from the very beginning. She has also developed an aggressive net game that shines through in both her singles and dominating doubles play. As a captain this year she continues to raise the level of play around her every day. She is ready for Division One tennis, and we are super proud of her and so excited to see what she accomplishes at Virginia Tech.”

-Allyson Brand, Head Coach

Charlie Miller, Lacrosse, Bucknell University

“Charlie has had to overcome numerous obstacles in his life, but I admire how he always attacks practice and games with fierce intensity. He raises the level of his offensive teammates at practice with his style of play. We often called on Charlie last year to cover the opposing team’s best player and he always delivered, frustrating teams to the point that they refused to dodge him. Bucknell is getting one heck of a player.”

-Zack Schroeder, Head Coach

Hartley Rahman, Baseball, James Madison University

“Hartley loves the game of baseball. He's always working. He cares. He's a great teammate and competitor and he always shows up when the lights are on. We knew early on in Hartley's baseball career that he would provide our program great energy on and off the field with his ever present determination. You know exactly what you're getting out of Hartley each day. He's consistent. He's even keeled. I'm really excited to follow his career at James Madison.”

-Andrew Slater, Head Coach

Callie Jo Rogers, Field Hockey, University of Maryland 

“Callie is incredibly skilled and a fierce competitor. She’s a workhorse and just fun to be around. Her passion for the sport is undeniable and she's always asking for more. And it's been great sharing that passion for the sport with her. She has been a fantastic captain for us the last two seasons showing great leadership to those who will look to follow in her footsteps in the coming years. Her team really depends on her and feeds off her energy. We will miss her personality, her leadership and her presence next year. But I look forward to supporting Callie throughout her time at the University of Maryland.”

-Kelsey Smither, Head Coach

Will Slater, Baseball, Virginia Military Institute

“Will is a grinder. He loves to work and compete, and he's selfless with a team-first mentality. He is one of the most mentally and physically toughest kids I've had the privilege of coaching in my 20-plus year career as a coach. His toughness and mental aptitude behind the plate have provided our program with incredible stability, and the pitcher-catcher relationship has flourished under his watch. Good luck in your next chapter, Will!”

-Andrew Slater, Head Coach

Charlie Mayr, Swimming, Notre Dame 

“Charlie is what you would call a swim rat or swim geek. He is a selfless worker and a selfless teammate. Throughout his whole time at Collegiate — and for the six years he was on the swim team — he has never once thought about his individual accolades or his own future. It’s all about what’s best for the team. He has worked tirelessly over the last two years to find the best fit, and I think he has found exactly where he needs to be. I don’t know what I'll do without him next year, but I am so happy and so excited for Charlie to continue his career with Notre Dame next year.”

-Mike Peters, Head Coach

Nicholas Chambers, Baseball, University of Mary Washington 

“Nicholas is mature, diligent, patient, supportive and has a team-first mindset. He's an A-plus teammate, and has done an incredible job working hard. Regardless of his role with the team, he has done nothing but impressed the coaches since his arrival a few years ago. He's gotten better every day and has made leaps and bounds in his on-field abilities. I'm so excited to see him play this year in our lineup and follow his next chapter and Mary Washington next year.”

-Andrew Slater, Head Coach

Presley Garst, Soccer, University of Mary Washington 

“The cool thing about Presley is that each year she's gotten consistently better, contributing to the team in different ways. One of the things that she brings to the team is her incredible passion and ferocious desire to win in everything that she does. She's a gamer every day in practice. She's feisty, but when we get to the games, she gives us that extra quality. We're super excited to have her back this year and we're excited to watch her do great things at Mary Washington.”

-Rob Ukrop, Head Coach