Honoring Competitive Resilience

Cub athlete Milton A. is an exemplary leader for his Cougar teammates
Milton A. possesses those rare qualities of a leader — resilient, talented, competitive as they come. But what makes a leader like Arendale particularly impactful to those he leads is his ability to push others towards excellence. 

His teammates recognize his talents, too, and they’ve elected him one of three captains of the Cub Gold football team at Collegiate School. 

“He is a tenacious competitor,” says his Coach Andrew Stanley of the gifted 8th Grader. “He embodies everything we hope for in a football player and athlete at Collegiate.”  

Like any athlete, Milton has faced his share of hardship, but he is special, says Coach Stanley, in his capacity to overcome. “Milton has been an outstanding example of fight and smile regardless of the outcome of the play,” he says. “Whether it’s a 10-yard gain or he is tackled for a 5-yard loss, Milton gets up with a smile on his face and is ready to take on the next play. His willingness to persist despite discomfort, pain and difficult moments has made him a model teammate and an outstanding leader.”