Collegiate Honors Hannah Curley for Excellence

The 2021 Andrew Jackson Brent Award is presented to Hannah Curley.
In 1997, the family and friends of Jack Brent, a longtime parent, grandparent, and Life Trustee of Collegiate School, established a teacher award in his honor.  The recipient is to be a full-time career teacher who exemplifies the teacher, coach, mentor, counselor, friend model that is so vital to independent schools.

This year’s Brent Award recipient spends so much time at Collegiate that I often wonder if she has hidden a cot somewhere in Pitt Hall. Typically, one of the first faculty members to arrive, she is frequently one of the last to leave after an athletic practice, only to return for an evening commitment on campus. She does so much to contribute to school life, I often find myself coaching her to say no. She usually smiles, thanks me, and proceeds to say yes to whatever she is being asked to do. As a classroom teacher, she leverages the meaningful connections she forms with her students to push them to work harder than they believe they can, while always finding ways to support them when challenges arise. I had a chance to witness her enthusiasm for teaching last year, as she often took her class to the front lawn outside my office and I could see how animated and passionate she was and could see the laughter and knowing nods of the students. She uses technology seamlessly in her classes and has been a wonderful resource to colleagues, particularly when we transitioned into remote learning. As a two-season coach who has stepped up to assist with a third season when asked, she leans on her own experiences as a student athlete to make connections with her players. As the head JV Volleyball Coach, you can see how her players look to her for guidance and inspiration during timeouts; and as an Assistant Girls’ Basketball coach, you can see her offering encouragement and advice as players enter and exit the huddle. The bonds she builds with her players are evident, as current and former players stay connected with her when the season or their time at Collegiate ends. She has given selflessly of her time and her talents since she first arrived, and is “all in” no matter the task, which includes Brunch. How she balances all of this while completing her graduate degree and still maintaining a cheerful attitude is a testament to her commitment to being a great teacher and coach. Please join me in congratulating Middle and Upper School Spanish teacher and coach, the 2021 Brent Award recipient, Hannah Curley.

Comments made by Patrick Loach
At the Opening of School Meeting, August 2021.